IPR Readers: See the Israel Tourist Display Ad?

This is OUTRAGEOUS! Boycott Israel! BDS! Boycott, Divest, Sanction. Boycott IPR! COME TO THE PLAS PLACE!
Boycott Israeli/jewish owned media and businesses. e.g. IPR, Facebook, Rupert Murdoch.
Israel Beyond Belief. See Israel in a New Light. Discover Israel Like Never Before.
Israel Land of Creation.
Get mistaken for a jew/Israeli and get killed in Israel! Stabbed. Shot. Vehicle run into.
Any American that goes to Israel is a fool. I have no sympathy for you.
Israel, the Land that sends Mossad agents around the world to kill people.
To America to suppress third parties I.E. YOU.
6 million jewish American sleeper agents. Ready, able and willing to do ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME TO ANYONE if it supports Israel.
jewish Americans awash in money and political power.
Get OUT OF MY COUNTRY, you traitors!
The grave next to Ruth Blumenstein-a jewish American Army soldier. I say if he had to choose, he would choose Israel over USA.
Einstein, Reich, would choose Israel over USA.
The jews are CRAZY! They cannot be trusted.
Israel is BY DEFINITION a racist, apartheid counterrevolutionary theocracy.
In effect a terrorist country.
Anyone who supports Israel is a terrorist, particularly jewish Americans and democrats and republicans in power.
The consequences of supporting Israel contribute far more to terrorism in the UNITED STATES than Muslim Americans, and Islamic terrorism.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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