Working hypothesis on when DHS/FBI/MOSSAD Axis of Evil got started.

I’m estimating in the 1920’s. Remember Teddy Roosevelt had very nearly swept out the democrats and republicans in 1912. PLUS Eugene Debs the socialist also got 6% of the vote. IF,…IF, Debs’ vote went to Roosevelt, the Progressive party may have won. ALSO, IF,…IF Woodrow Wilson had bolted the democrats like Roosevelt had bolted the republicans, another winning scenario for the Progressive party.
So the U.S. political power elite got their piss scared out. At the same time the leftists, socialists, communists and Bolsheviks, including many jews, had seized power in Russia, gradually forming the USSR, a HUGE competitor to the USA leading to the Cold War. At about this time the jewish nationalists-Zionists were active in Germany alongside the German nationalists. That led to the dreaded Second World War.
The USA was in deep over its head.
But the opportunity to form an axis of evil was lost during those years. There just were not enough jews in America. However after the war, many jews came to America and many went to Palestine. Most jews were in central Europe and were decimated by Germany. That left many jews from eastern europe and Russia/USSR to go to America and Palestine about 50/50.
Enter the formation of the United Nations in NYC, “Heimietown”. Clearly this became the financial capital of the world. There was already a jewish presence there, especially the Zionists must have been clamoring for a jewish homeland after the German/jewish Holocaust. Germany might have been considered BEFORE the war as a homeland, but not after. Palestine was ripe for the taking with the expiration of the British Mandate.
What kind of backroom deal was made between the Zionists and the U.S.? Clearly the US wanted the Zionists to help prevent any Nazi uprising in the USA. ALSO, and this is where I COME IN 30 years + later, help with suppressing any possible domestic leftist uprising. Progressive, socialist, communist. So, between 1948 founding of Israel and present day, the jews have done exceedingly well in America. All that money and nubile gentile women! Feast in and on America, you jewish pig traitors!
The jews want Israel AND America!
Well I SAY you should have NEITHER! Racist, apartheid, counterrevolutionary, world terrorist theocracy Israel is standing directly in the way of a progressive movement in America. I AM A PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT! Get out of my way, Israel.
Get out of America, jewish American traitors and terrorists!
Racist? The jews are racist. Why not go to Africa or China or Brazil-south America for your immigration and homeland and race mixing?
A LOT less money there? A lot less gentile nubile women?
Having to struggle with the dhs/fbi is bad enough. Add in the Mossad and 6 million gorged on America jewish American traitors and I, WE, THE WORLD has a HUGE PROBLEM.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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One Response to Working hypothesis on when DHS/FBI/MOSSAD Axis of Evil got started.

  1. Don says:

    You should make sure to append this to your email to Tom Knapp, Richard Winger, Christina Tobin, John McAfee.

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