Oh No! ANOTHER Jewish Judge? ANOTHER Covert Operation?

CORRECTION: Monday 1/4/2016. I visited the Boro website first and reported the Judge listed there as David Bernardin. Today I visited the Municipal Court facility in Oaklyn. Evidently recently 3 local municipalities have decided to conduct Municipal Court in the Oaklyn facility/building. Barrington, Haddon Heights, Mount Ephraim. The Judge is listed there as Krisden McCrink. Evidently there are different judges at different times and places. The receptionists said McCrink has been the judge for about a year. And I remember Bernardin as a previous judge in Audubon. So, we will have to wait until Jan.20 court date to see who the judge is. My idea of a dual jurisdiction court was evidently incorrect. The Mount Ephraim Municipal building is still where it was on BHP. I will go there soon to find out about the ordinance wording about trespass and loitering. I do not know the reason these municipalities have done this but I suspect budgetary considerations.

But this is different. Trespassing. Location: 602 N BHP Black Horse Pike (Wawa)(a local fast food/gas franchise). BO 66B-1 Mount Ephraim Borough Municipal Court. 500 White Horse Pike(WHP), Oaklyn, 3rd Floor. I/1/16 at 0115am. Officer Michael Kemp. Court Appearance date: 1/20/16 at 9am. Court appearance required. Possible jail sentence.
This has been ongoing for months. I have been patronizing Wawa for years for gas and food/drink. With my gas guzzler rv, I have to get gas about once a week. Plus I am driving my dad’s Honda. I get large fountain drinks with ice in summer. Hot drinks in winter. Hoagies, soup, salads etc; there is no deli. Fresh food prepared, packaged. Quick. In and out. I GET IT!
But there is parking on the side and parking for large trucks including room enough for tractor-trailers in back. That is where I park the rv. I have seen numerous trucks and suvs and cars parking along the side and in back for long periods, including overnight. Not many rvs though. Including police cars-often several at a time around midnight, until recently, usually parked on the sides. But I didn’t think it would be a problem. Cops don’t bother me…except when they bother me!
Anyway, I arrived as usual around midnight. Went promptly inside for food and drink. Now my rv has a problem SOMETIMES, when shut off then restarted shortly thereafter, of cranking but not starting. Which just runs the battery down. This happened to me twice before at the pumps there. So I got in the habit of getting food first, then waiting for engine to cool while eating. Then get gas. It reliably starts cold. Continuing, I had finished eating. Just getting ready to make the move to the gas pumps, when flashlight, police. So I rolled down window. We talked. I explained how I had received a reply email from Wawa from the co-owner of Wawa that something could be worked out. The in and out in 10-15 minutes is unreasonable. He said he had been watching me for an hour.// Note: This is about 1am just after midnight with all the New Years Eve drunk drivers out!// He said wait there. Went back to patrol car. A second one rolled up. He returned with ticket. I complained. He said your Court date is Jan 20. I said I will see you BOTH in Court. They said leave. I said no, I’m getting gas, if you don’t mind. They left. I got gas then went in and talked with George, the cashier. The police said they did not get a call from the Wawa management. I asked George. He said he didn’t call. I showed him the ticket. I said you are getting a subpoena. Then I left.
Now, I’m researching the trespass ordinance and other items. Evidently Mount Ephraim has an unusual jurisdictional situation. There is evidently 2 Municipal Courts. Mount Ephraim the town and Mount Ephraim Borough. Evidently the Borough is under Camden County jurisdiction. I don’t completely understand this. But MY ticket/Court appearance is in Oaklyn, a nearby town. I have been to the other Municipal Court before. It is in Mount Ephraim, just down the BHP from Wawa.
Now, the Judge in Mount Ephraim is named John McFeely. (Irish?) The Judge in Mount Ephraim Borough in Oaklyn is David Bernardin. (jewish?)
So, my preliminary research and analysis of this ticket is that it is a covert operation designed to get me into Camden County jail, where I will get stabbed. i.e. it is an assassination plot by the FBI/Mossad. The fix is in, just like with Judge Laskin. The stabbers are already lined up. They may very well be gang members. They would be told I am some sort of threat to their gang PLUS they will get something like reduced sentence/parole/work release. Note: Remember I reported that Mark D’Orio told me he was stabbed by 4 black guys in my front yard in the trailer park. He said three held him while the fourth stabbed him 7 times in his left side, making the stabber probably right handed. This was about 5:30 am. It has not been determined to my satisfaction that this was or was not a case of mistaken identity., i.e. I may have been their target-the white guy at lot H5 with the swastikas spray painted on his street.


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