Let’s Exhume Jack Ruby, shall we?

I’ve been thinking about what I have been concluding and saying. That the FBI has recruited the Mossad. The Mossad can get to just about every jewish American to do or say just about anything, anytime, anywhere.
Hence exhuming the graves of Ruth and Nancy.
Then I wrote about how coincidental it was that Joe Jopa Paterno died of cancer right about the time he was about to hit the gutter over the Jerry Sandusky case. Let’s exhume JoPa, shall we? I say we will find the corpse of an elderly man heavily made up to look like JoPa. OR an urn of ashes of said corpse. No TRACE OF JOPA.
Then I got to thinking about Jack Ruby. Born Jacob Leon Rubenstein. He shot Oswald on November 24, 1963. There is no denying this; it was live on tv. I think even I saw it live. He died in Parkland Hospital, as did Oswald and Kennedy. Small world. Same location, same players(people directly or indirectly associated with Parkland.)
On January 3, 1967 of pulmonary embolism secondary to lung cancer; that sounds like a long time, four years. But actually it is only a little over 3 years.
Assuming Johnson was in on the assassination, which Ruby said, along with the FBI and the Mossad. We know Bobby Kennedy and perv J.Edgar Hoover, FBI pig director, hated each other. We have more than enough pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. The FBI/Mossad wanted liberal democrat JFK out of the way.
I say a corpse of an old man heavily made up to look like Ruby is in his grave, or most likely, an urn of ashes of that body. Ruby, kidnapped, taken to Israel.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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One Response to Let’s Exhume Jack Ruby, shall we?

  1. Exhume Teddy Roosevelt!

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