Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! Lori Greenberg Has GOT TO GO!

Leaflets, for further information see: https://rwm4prez2012.wordpress.com
In my illegal eviction case, jewish Judge Lee Laskin, now retired, was the Judge. Lori Cohen Greenberg was the greedy, lying, scheming landlord’s attorney. The Legal Aid, lsnj.org/sjls.org attorney was David Podell, my attorney. However Director, Ginsberg ordered Podell off my case due to budget considerations. So, ALL the officers of the Court were jews. With the exception of MYSELF, who upon the withdrawal of Legal Aid counsel, became the pro se in forma pauperis defendant.
Lori Greenberg was very involved in The Absurd Document, the Consent to Vacate document signed by me AFTER the default judgement. Through that document the landlord was able to get EVERYTHING from me, past and current rent, check from the Court Clerk, all my property left behind, security deposit, legal fees etc., thereby avoiding Small Claims Court PLUS THE EVICTION!
Greenberg and Associates, Marlton, NJ 609-596-9300.
I ask EVERYONE to contact the Camden County Court, New Jersey Mobile Home Owners Association, Camden County Prosecutor’s Office to complain about Greenberg.
I will be resuming protesting in front of Camden County Hall of Justice soon.
Please help me protest, pass out leaflets and file complaints. AND BLOG!


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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