Victim of FBI/Mossad Germ Warfare May Visit NJ; May Protest and Exhume.

M.K. called me this evening. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him; I usually am the one calling him. I had told him that I MAY be getting another trailer. My sister wants me to stay in NJ to help her with my father. She has control over my father’s affairs. So my father’s money, not my sister’s, would be used to buy me another trailer to replace that which I was illegally evicted from, i.e. was stolen from me. So where he would stay is presently uncertain.
Note that according to MY understanding of what happened, first Mark’s sister, Pat, was attacked by the FBI/Mossad in 1999. I was in GA helping him pack to move back to CA via NJ when he got the call that she had “died” from “cancer”. Then he was attacked in Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz County, CA with ADEM (acute disseminating encephalomyelitis) just after we had rented an apartment together and started a business in 2005. Then as I was being evicted his mother was trying to help negotiate with my landlord. She was attacked and “died” from “cancer” in 2014.
Ruth Blumenstein also was attacked and “died” from “cancer” in 2014. Also Sophie Koski in early 2015.
For some reason no one I know has been attacked and died from cancer since them.
Nancy Benson was attacked in August,2011 by “cancer” just in time to prevent her from any interest she may have had in my presidential campaign, “dying” in August, 2012.
William S. Saturn had something happen to him in August 2013; I suspect he was kidnapped.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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