Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump Deliberately Impregnated by Jews?

I believe so.
Read the following Zog propaganda/mush and then read MY opinion on this matter in this and previous posts.

Inside Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump’s Unlikely Friendship.-Yahoo!.com

Let’s not start with oh no, they wouldn’t do that. Let’s start with, if so, how was this accomplished?
Did miscellaneous jews over the years approach the Clintons and comment/hint at how wonderful it would be if Chelsea married a jew? The relationship between jews and Christians in America, the friendship, the longstanding history and traditions? The Clintons, being pragmatic political animals, agreed. Hinted/commented favorably to Chelsea over the years. Maybe manipulating the circumstances of her meeting men. Never letting her meet an eligible, virile white man. And let’s agree, jews are not white. They do not have a deep, European, esp. n. European gene pool. Their gene pool is of Middle Eastern descent with some recent European, predominantly S. European. In other words there was a migration of jews northward from the Roman Empire coinciding with the Fall of Rome. So poor Chelsea develops a neurosis towards white men and an affinity towards jews. Finally responding to one eventually. Maybe even searching one out, poor thing.
The jews have a low birth rate. This is usually associated with a high income level. Israel needs soldiers, population.
Where do they get people to populate Israel? There is a limited number of jews in the world. White people, not Asians or blacks, especially arabs, preferred.
Well, for one thing, if they move to America, that puts them into close proximity to nubile, white, rich, powerful young women for their men to impregnate.
Who is nubile, rich, white, powerful women in America? Clearly Clinton and Trump. Then use the jewish dominated media to write exhuberantly about their unlikely friendship (WHAT could they possibly have in common? A circumsized-mutilated-jewish penis inside them) and parental happiness.
The more white women they impregnate, the more jews and the less possible enemies. After all, every white baby is a potential jew hater, neo-Nazi etc.
And Trump! Daughter of Dtrumpf, a German-American. A new jewish baby and revenge against the Germans in one bundle!
All this is insane, of course. But that is the situation the jews find themselves in. Diabolical. Convoluted conspiracy.
These 2 poor ladies have had their most intimate parts of their lives tampered with. I believe. I say.
And was Lisa Adamoli tampwered with? Dead of drug overdose. Or Pat Klinkenberg? Dead of cancer. How many other women in MY LIFE have been tampered with?
I have my suspicions. And my beliefs. And that is MY RIGHT. AND THAT IS NOT Anti-Semitism.

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1 Response to Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump Deliberately Impregnated by Jews?

  1. National Bolshevik Green says:

    Kill ’em all and let Odin sort ’em out

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