Hostile Outburst and Threat by My Nephew Has Me Quite Upset.

Seems similar to Mark’s nephew.
I really am quite estranged from my sister and brother-in-law and their 2 children, my nephew and niece. They got married when I was in Boulder, Colorado. I was too involved in the radical politics there and was too broke to travel back to NJ for the wedding. Over the years I didn’t seem to have much in common with them or most of the rest of the family. Various cousins married, funerals etc. I just was pretty much a no-show. My nephew and niece grew up, started their own families etc.
But then my sister took in my dad. Wound up in Collingswood. My nephew from what I heard, had 5 kids, lost his house/mortgage then moved into the apartment over the garage. My father parks his car right below the garage where there is presently room for two cars. My nephew has 2 vehicles. I have been borrowing my father’s car and parking it in his spot. Suddenly my nephew’s car is there and I have been told I must park in the street.
What could go wrong here?
I tried to park behind my nephew’s car. Rejected. I offered to leave the keys in it so he could move it out of his way. Rejected. I inquired as to whether 3 vehicles could possibly be made to fit. Rejected. So I went to the store and pulled into the usual spot to unload there then move to the street. But I got on the computer and time passed and I forgot to move the car.
Well, upon arriving home from work, he stormed down the stairs of my father’s basement apartment yelling about me moving the car and the neighbors don’t want it there either. They share the driveway. This was news to me; I hadn’t heard from any neighbors. Anyway I moved the car to the street. Then on the way back up the driveway, he started yelling at me in a rather unfamiliar, hostile voice and words. Nasty words, disrespectful, disdainful. Borderline hateful. I had ruined my father’s car by filling it with stuff ; dirty, smelly stuff so that he refused to get in it. (Not true. In fact my sister had driven it with my father and I earlier that day to the VA doctor; she had plenty of opportunity to complain.) He said it had a street parking sticker. I said it did not. He ridiculed my political campaign and website, asking why I wasn’t in Iowa. I tried to explain that third parties aren’t in Iowa for primaries, it is a completely different system from the democrats and republicans. Then I started to realize just how misinformed and uninformed he is. Misinformed about me by his parents. Uninformed- about just about everything else.
Then he ordered me to not park in that spot. Or he would call the police etc. He said”…I will wreck your world.” Well, that sounded like I will rock your world which is not necessarily a bad thing! But no, he said “…wreck…” I’m quite certain. THAT didn’t sound like a good thing. THAT was definitely a threat whether he realized it or intended it or not. I suddenly prepared myself for a possible attack by this guy. He’s about my height but half my age but about twice my weight-overweight. I began to think defensively; just what could he do? Just what will he do? And what could, would I do?
Fortunately it did not come to blows, but it VERY EASILY COULD HAVE. I was stunned by his hostility towards me.
So I thought about filing a police report/complaint/affidavit with request for restraining order. I don’t want this guy around me possibly going off on me again like that. Keep it at a distance please. For now I have decided not to do that. Like I said he has a job and family -5 kids. Lost his house which makes me wonder how my sister let that happen. But she let me get illegally evicted so she has her shortcomings. I do not think he has much if any criminal history. So my complaint would not be very helpful to him. Might help me to show I’m not always the bad guy. But no, not the best thing for me to do.
To be continued…

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2 Responses to Hostile Outburst and Threat by My Nephew Has Me Quite Upset.

  1. “I had ruined my father’s car by filling it with stuff ; dirty, smelly stuff.”

    You jerked off in the car?

  2. rwm4prez2012 says:

    No, not true. i.e. I DID NOT ruin my father’s car by filling it with dirty, smelly stuff.
    In fact I had the interior detailed professionally by a company recommended by the Repair shop that worked on my rv.

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