Justice Scalia is…”dead”. ?

Now I am not much of a fan of Justice Scalia. Quite the opposite. And I certainly have a problem already stated here at The PLAS Place with 2 jews on the Supreme Court. Jews being 2% of the population and 2 out of 9 Justices = about 22%. ALL the Justices are reactionaries. Some of the extreme rightist conservatives could actually pass as counterrevolutionaries, including Scalia. My ideal Court would consist of 5 progressives and 4 libertarians. This Court is obviously far from my ideal.
Yet even I felt my eyebrows raising and saw some red flags popping up upon hearing the circumstances of the death of Scalia.
Are you kidding me? Texas law allows declaring one dead without being present? Well, maybe 150 years ago when Texas was part of the Wild West. Distances were far indeed and doctors few and far between. Etc. But not now, in the 21st Century in the UNITED STATES and involving a U.S.Supreme Court Justice.
Which got me to thinking. Rightists like Scalia are a stubborn bunch. Self righteous, cantankerous…troublesome. Maybe something was coming up on Scalia’s docket. Maybe he was checking into something. Maybe somebody wasn’t sure where Scalia stood or what he might do.
Or maybe there is something going on with Scalia along the lines of Joe Pa Paterno who was getting drawn deeper and deeper into the Jerry Sandusky Scandal. Then all of a sudden Paterno has cancer and is soon dead. No investigation of Paterno if he’s dead. Kind of like Lee Harvey Oswald.
So, as I have seen with the disappearing family, friends, supporters in MY life, it is evidently NO PROBLEM to disappear someone. To make it look like they died. Or actually kill them. Fake disease. Fake investigation. Fake funeral etc.
No problem for The ZOG.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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