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Well, I was found guilty of trespass at Wawa in Mount Ephraim Municipal Court today.
Boy, did I call that wrong! I thought I would get a dismissal or found not guilty.
My evidence was the receipts for food, drink and gas at Wawa just after midnight New Year’s Eve/New Years Day, when the ticket was written.
But Judge Krisden McCrink made it clear saying Wawa’s ownership of the property trumps my rights as a customer.
Maximum sentence $500, 400 suspended for 6 months on condition that I abide by Wawa’s demand that I patronize there for 15 minutes/trip.
$33 court costs. Total $133 due today by 3:30 p.m.
She actually said multiple trips/day were possible.
That is absurd…isn’t it?
Kind of like the police officer Kemp writing me a ticket for trespass, then leaving me to fuel up!
Wawa customers: Wawa policy: Stay longer than 15 minutes and you are a trespasser! All Wawa has to do is say so.
Spend your money and make it quick. Then get outta here! Or they can and will call the police.
BTW, wouldn’t it be interesting if Wawa is owned and/or controlled by jews?
In this case the democratic party county machine control/influence over one police officer, Wawa and the Judge would be enough.
The idea is to harass me and my rv.
Protests/boycott are to be at the following locations:
Camden County Hall of Justice.
Camden County District Attorney’s Office/Camden City Hall.
Federal Complex Market Street or Cooper Street entrance.
Newton Creek Mobile Home Park, Mount Ephraim Avenue and Route 130, Camden.
Colestown Cemetary, Kings Highway and Church Street, Cherry Hill.
ALL Wawa locations.
Judge McCrink self righteously in effect lectured me in her statement of her decision. Citing Black’s law dictionary re: definition of trespass. As if I hadn’t even heard of it or hadn’t consulted it. I found out about Black’s as a result of my legal research in the federal case against me in the 1980’s, possibly before she was born. In the law library in the Federal prison. The salient issue was permission. To enter one’s property without the owner’s permission. The defense was/is that WAWa is open 24/7. Permission is ALREADY given to EVERYONE to enter, as at least a potential customer.
Therefore the remedy of someone who has entered and is some sort of problem is NOT trespass. No one ever said anything to me about trespass. The ordinance about overnight stay was mentioned. So I thought it was valid for me to wait for the motor to cool off-about an hour, before going to the pump for fuel. The rv just about ALWAYS starts when cold. Not restarting at the pump after being shut off for a few minutes has occurred a couple of times, there. The assistant manager had said if I didn’t move it, it would get towed. Well, that is at LEAST $150 for an rv.
Wouldn’t it be interesting if Officer Kemp and/or Judge McCrink was following the democratic machine orders, or orders from the FBI/Mossad to sustain this charge?
As part of a campaign to harass me in my rv after having successfully illegally evicted me from the trailer park. Try looking up the definition of conspiracy in Black’s, Judge. Conspiracy to influence the Presidential elections. Conspiracy to violate my rights.
I DID ask Officer Kemp on cross examination if he discussed writing this ticket with anyone before writing it. He said no. If he was/is involved in some way in such a conspiracy, knowingly or not, he committed perjury.
If he unknowingly was manipulated into writing that ticket, it is quite understandable that he felt he could lie about discussing such a ticket beforehand. Like possibly Officer Gaspari did. Ordinarily such a discussion would probably be insignificant or inconsequential.
MY question to MYSELF is: why have I been in Court so much recently? I haven’t been in Court since the FBI locked me up in the 1980’s. Turns out the FBI liars and traitors brought me before the fool moron Judge James T. Giles on a bogus charge. All of a sudden I have cops writing me tickets. Judges finding me guilty, or in default. When I was fairly certain I was not.
Now recently I was stopped at Walmart in Audubon. I hadn’t turned on my headlights. I had an expired inspection that I forgot to take care of on my dad’s car. The officer was correct, polite. No problem. No suspicions on my part. In fact the lack of police stops more recently is becoming just as remarkable as the previous ones were. Maybe the police in Camden County are getting the word that Bob Milnes is a third party presidential candidate and has been screwed by the FBI/Mossad and are not ok with that. Maybe they don’t like being manipulated to screw with someone they are sworn to protect. Maybe they don’t like their fellow cops being tricked into enforcing their bogus charges for dirty political reasons.
Who shot Kennedy? I say The ZOG. Who shot Officer Tippit? I say Oswald, the patsy, both set up for confrontation by The ZOG. Who shot Oswald? Jew Jack Ruby, set up by The ZOG. Who got cancer and “died? Ruby, set up by The ZOG.
Who did 9/11? I say The ZOG. Undoubtedly, WHOEVER did 9/11 knew full well A LOT of first responders would die if either of those Twin Towers fell, which was the objective. Not many first responders are jewish. However, some jet passengers, people in the Twin Towers, bystanders, particularly in NYC “Heimietown” would be jewish. Oh well, expendable.
Police, aren’t you sick and tired of The ZOG?

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