John McAfee for President? You Gotta be Kidding!

All of a sudden out of the left fields of Belize comes McAfee. Talking about starting a new party, the Cyber Party. NOT new, John. Boston Tea Party formed in 2008.
I was a candidate in 2008 and again for 2012 but lost. First to Charles Jay. And where is he now? Dunno. Then to Jim Deunsing who was shot by police in what I called a suspected covert operation. The intent was to kill him, but the bullets missed being fatal by inch(es?). Further, BTP ALMOST elected a fusion ticket-Milnes/Johnson, except Kimberly was clueless and endorsed Duensing. And don’t forget the whole Tiffany Briscoe presidential nomination/retraction. Another covert operation involving John Ogle and Pierre Croissant or what’s his name? Most of this was closely followed by William S. Saturn who I say disappeared in August, 2013. Kidnapped? Dragged from Bayside, Texas to Mexice and buried? Or maybe he never existed at all except as a supercomputer program run from Quantico like he is now?
I am very suspicious that McAfee is a ZOG plant. Much like paulie cannoli. A vague, sordid past. paulie admitted to making a lot of money illicitly involving drugs etc. Possible multiple count indictment involving petition fraud. So the FBI flipped him and he, being jewish, wound up being owned by the Mossad? Sounds VERY possible to me. Now McAfee shows up, his handlers realized the Cyber Party has problems so just go for the Libertarian Party nomination, the Jeweled Crown of the Third Parties. Expected to be on most if not all ballots. Again, vague, sordid past. Ample opportunity for the FBI/Mossad/ZOG to own him. How about we killed your next door neighbor, planted just enough evidence to make it look like you did it, and will get you out of Belize alive if you do what we say?
And one of McAfee’s main cheerleaders is Tom Knapp? The same Tom Knapp who started BTP, corresponded with me for years about PLAS, then had some sort of fit, disavowed me and PLAS, and left politics coming back as a NOTA cheerleader? Now back into politics and IPR, a ZOG rag? THAT Tom Knapp?

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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