Boycott ALL Wawas! Boycott ALL Mount Ephraim Businesses!

For leaflets see:
On February 17 I was found guilty of trespass at Wawa in Mount Ephraim Municipal Court. Wawa is open 24/7 and has a policy of wanting their customers in and out in 10-15 minutes. Violation of this policy is subject to the police being called and possible trespass charge. Subsequently I called for a Boycott of not only Mount Ephraim Wawa but ALL Wawas. This does not reflect the magnitude of this injustice. If I am correct, there was/is a campaign by the FBI and Mossad to suppress my political campaign for third party nomination for President, by many ways including illegal eviction, then subsequent harassment of me living homeless in my rv. It is more correct to include the police officer and ALL the Mount Ephraim police AND the prosecutor and Judge. AND ALL Mount Ephraim residents for their support of the police and municipal government for participating in this, knowingly or not. A boycott would in effect educate the residents to this injustice AND enlist their support to protest it.
In addition to the Boycott, I am protesting across the street from the Camden County Hall of Justice and other sites to educate the residents of Camden County about this and other injustices.
I find a Boycott of Camden businesses to be inappropriate due to the longstanding economic duress in Camden. Also I have specifically called for Camden/County police to investigate such injustices.
Camden County protest locations include in addition to across the street from the Hall of Justice, the Walkway/Park across the street from the Camden County Prosecutors Office and the west entrance/exit of Camden City Hall, the tallest building in the area. This is on the very next block from the Hall of Justice. Also the federal complex on Market Street and Cooper Street entrance/exit U.S. P.O. and U.S. Courthouse. This complex is around the corner from the Prosecutor’s Office. Also office of lsnj, aka Camden County Legal Aid at Haddon Avenue and Market Street as Mossad controlled. Also Colestown Cemetery, Kings Highway and Church Road, Cherry Hill, Camden County, New Jersey. Gravesite of Ruth Blumenstein who I believe is not dead. I believe she was poisoned and kidnapped in Florida and taken to a secure facility in Israel. Her death in Florida, funeral and burial in New Jersey, must have been an elaborate fake.
To be commended: Audubon police and Walmart, for NOT harassing me living homeless in my rv often parking at Walmart shopping center in Audubon. Approximately 12 hours/day.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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