Open Letter to the Good Citizens of Mount Ephraim and Camden County.

for leaflets see:
The PLAS Place
Like many of you, I have been a longstanding resident/citizen of Camden County. I was born in Camden, NJ in 1952. I have lived in or near Camden/Camden County for most of my life. A notable exception was my incarceration in the Federal Prison system in Philadelphia, North Carolina and New York. But now unfortunately we in Camden County are probably going to be a focus of the longstanding conflict between the UNITED STATES intelligence community and the third party communities. Short said, I accuse the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI of collaborating with the Israeli Mossad of using illegal, unconstitutional domestic surveillance and covert operations against the third parties including their candidates and especially their presidential candidates.
That is where I come in recently. I have been a third party candidate for 3 cycles; the 2016 cycle is my fourth. Many strange things have happened to me over the years. Recently I was -illegally I say-evicted from Newton Creek Mobile Home Park in Camden; my trailer demolished. Since then I have been homeless living in a dilapidated rv. I believe the illegal eviction was accomplished by the DHS/FBI and Mossad via Judge Laskin in Landlord/Tenant Court which has been pursued by a campaign of harassment involving my rv. I assume the goal is to get it impounded. This brings me to what happened at Wawa in Mount Ephraim.
to be continued…


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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2 Responses to Open Letter to the Good Citizens of Mount Ephraim and Camden County.

  1. Concerned Citizens of Camden County says:

    We don’t want you here. Your protests are obscene. We are trying to raise children here. We don’t need you talking to them about masturbation and joining the Nazis. Get the fuck out of our county.

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