Camden County Police: What are you doing?

When evidently corrupted County Judge Lee Laskin made his judgement/statement in Court, that I should get a lawyer and get the default removed, after we had discussed how Camden County Legal Aid lsnj, had withdrawn from my case and I could not afford an attorney, and that the $1415 that I was required to pay on the fraudulent Consent to Vacate had no mention of what it was for (back rent owed), I wanted to yell at the lousy prick. But I did NOT because there was Camden County Police present. Their job was not to audit the proceedings for legal merit but rather to suppress BY FORCE any outbursts, dissent or conflict in the Courtroom. I believe they have guns on, or if not, have them readily available. And communications with fellow officers for backup IF NEEDED.
There is no way I would have accepted this corrupt, immoral ruling IF THE POLICE WERE NOT THERE.
Therefore the police are vulnerable to enforcing an immoral, corrupt and/or illegal ruling. They are mostly mere muscle. Trained, prepared and instantly READY to use whatever force they decide in their discretion and CAPABILITY with HUGE reserves in manpower and equipment at the ready. They do not, but perhaps SHOULD, audit the proceedings for legal merit. Perhaps a police union attorney should do that. To Protect not only the people from clear injustice, but the police also, from being mere muscle, which they must not like to be accused of or be used for. Laskin knew that those CAMDEN COUNTY Police Officers would do whatever it took to subdue me if I outburst. So he figured he could do whatever he figured he could get away with. Kick a poor, elderly, disabled man living alone doing the best he could who got the back rent owed from his father and paid it to the landlord, to the curb.
But why? He’s not stupid, uneducated or inexperienced. Or have a psychotic or schizophrenic episode. Just for shits and giggles? That at least would make some sense though. No, it was far more deep and sinister than that. I am a 4 time third party presidential candidate who has developed a new strategy to possibly win. TO SUPPRESS ME AND MY CAMPAIGN AND MY STRATEGY TO WIN, that was the reason why. It goes way beyond a circumsized little prick like Laskin.
Soon thereafter a Camden County police officer, accompanied by my co-landlord knocked on my door and ordered me out. I do not think he was armed. Why bother? One call and huge numbers of Camden County police officers fully equipped and armed to the teeth could be there in minutes, perhaps moments. But again, there is no way I would have accepted this outrage perpetrated by these two men IF HUGE NUMBERS OF CAMDEN COUNTY POLICE were not readily available.
When FBI agents arrested me in 1985 at WCAU-TV Channel 10-now NBC Channel 10 in Philadelphia, they knew full well I was not armed and not going to resist arrest. They knew THEY could get the credit for arresting me falsely portrayed in the media, which they virtually control, as a mental pervert. If they thought there might be bullets flying, they would have called in the local police, like setting up Lee Harvey Oswald in a confrontation with Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit.
Now I come to the Camden County police with a complaint. I believe Cherry Hill, Camden County resident Ruth Blumenstein was poisoned, kidnapped in Florida, her death, funeral and burial faked in Camden County, New Jersey. The judges, politicians in Camden County, Coroner/medical examiner etc. ARE unreliable/corrupted. Subservient to the feds, DHS/FBI who have teamed up with The Israeli Mossad. Yes, I think Ruth has been taken to Israel. WHY? Because she was in a position to help me with my landlord. Just like Doris Klinkenberg had done. I believe Doris was ALSO poisoned, kidnapped, her death, funeral and CREMATION faked.
That’s right, there can be no exhumation of Doris’s grave. But there can be one of Ruth’s grave. And Ruth and Doris are not the only ones.
And further I accuse the DHS/FBI/Mossad of GERM WARFARE. Doris’s son Mark, my best friend, contracted ADEM viral meningitis while under the care of a jewish doctor.
Ruth Blumenstein and Doris Klinkenberg both were diagnosed with cancer and died shortly thereafter at about the same time as I was being evicted. This is a HUGE coincidence! And why did they both die? What about remission?
So now I say to the Camden County police: What are you going to do?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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16 Responses to Camden County Police: What are you doing?

  1. Camden County Police says:

    No. We will not help you. No crime has been committed. If you bother us with this bullshit you may be charged with filing a false police report. We also have evidence that you may have engaged in public masturbation last week and so we may charge you with indecent exposure.

  2. DHS?FBI?Mossad troll again?
    False reporting? LOL! PROVE IT! Exhume Ruth Blumenstein and prove she is dead in her grave.
    I don’t think so.
    Public masturbation, indecent exposure? No, I don’t think so.
    But I called the local police after a provocateur accused me of “looking at” an underage girl in a store with video cameras.
    So it looks like we are heading for an fbi/mossad campaign to slander/discredit etc. me.
    So, bring on the video and bring some popcorn.
    I’d like to get arrested so I can subpoena you fbi/Mossad bastards.
    Maybe subpoena Deborah Knapp and her daughter too.

  3. Camden County Police says:

  4. Camden County police. The ZOG did 9/11, I’m convinced.
    All those first responders dead-the ZOG figures they are expendable. Just like Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit. Just like you.
    You can get payback. Exhume Ruth Blumenstein. She’s not in there. I’m convinced.
    Come get me in a patrol car. Take me there. I’ll dig it up. You just watch. Witness.
    ZOG atrocities unearthed. Exposed.
    Indecent exposure.
    For all the world to see.

  5. Camden County police, did you trace the ip of the person or persons who posted the video?

  6. I didn’t post the video.
    The only other person who is authorized is William S. Saturn.

  7. I am not the person in the video.
    According to the video the Sacramento , CA police took custody and presumably identified this person.
    So this could be verified that this person is not me.
    Nice try, ZOG.

  8. The video was posted on YouTube by a user named Dave Jenest

  9. Sorry, I’m not that good.
    Can you step by step that?

  10. Nathan Norman is Camden Police etc.?

  11. Let’s get #MilnesSexScandal trending on twitter.

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