Protest at Camden County Hall of Justice. Exhume Ruth Blumenstein.

And Nancy Benson.
Ruth Blumenstein is a friend of mine. She is Patti’s mother. Patti is my uncle Bill’s ex-girlfriend. They had a daughter, Aleasha, my first cousin. I’ve met Ruth on several occasions. I helped her set up her new computer several years ago. We’ve had several conversations in person and on the phone. She usually talked about the aforementioned 3 people. I managed to get her to talk about herself a little. She seemed a little curious about me.
At the time I was being evicted, she was in Florida visiting her daughter. I had asked my friend Mark to ask his mom, Doris Klinkenberg, to call my landlord and try to reason with him. Shortly thereafter she reported that he agreed to a three month extension on my eviction-the Absurd Document(Consent to Vacate). I didn’t realize at the time that this was improper procedure. Shortly thereafter I heard both Doris and Ruth had cancer. Shortly thereafter I was evicted-illegally- and both Doris and Ruth were dead.
Doris was cremated. I didn’t attend Ruth’s funeral but I wanted to. Because I was so upset at the time. I had actually considered knocking over the coffin to try to see if that was really her. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe in the huge coincidence of both Doris and Ruth dying from cancer so quickly at just about the same time.
It seemed incredible that someone would poison Ruth and Doris, then fake their death, funeral and burial. But I had already the seeds of doubt in my mind after finding out that Nancy Benson, a former girlfriend, had died from cancer in 2012. She reportedly had it for a year. Which puts her diagnosis in 2011, just about the time I was heavily involved in the presidential candidacy for the nomination for the second time for the Boston Tea party. I had run and lost in 2008.
Anyone who knows me would know that I considered Nancy the best possibility in my life for a potential First Lady. Surveillance would have found that out long ago.
Since Doris and Ruth I have thought about others in my life that have died. Certain ones made sense that they could have been similar such victims. Plus there is the case of William S. Saturn who seems to have been kidnapped, his identity taken over. And New Federalist, commenter at Independent Political Report.
Then there is the case of Mark Klinkenberg who is a friend and has an I.Q. reported 172, who contracted ADEM, a viral brain infection while under the care of a jewish physician. Additionally Mark’s sister, who I was about to meet almost certainly upon me helping him move from GA to CA, died from cancer. I heard his conversation in GA upon hearing this news. He cried.
There are several others including Sophie Koski of Camden, NJ and my Uncle Fred of Tuckerton, NJ. He was a Marine, strong as a bull. I wanted him and my dad to accompany me on the campaign trail in 2008. He died in 2008. As did my friend and radical leftist Green candidate for Congress Dr. Mcfarland in Boulder, CO.
Also Lisa Adamoli who I had a relationship with but got engaged. She reportedly was found dead- overdosed.
Now, I realize I am an old man now. Surely a lot of the people I have known and encountered in my life will have died. Or got sick. Or I lost touch with. But so many of these cases seem-strange.

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    Mr. Milnes this your campaign Super PAC. We are thinking about running some national campaign ads for you. What do you think? We have some ideas.

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