Libertarian Party Radical Caucus: Formally Organized


Posted on Independent Political Report on March 23 by Caryn Ann Harlos.
Finally, something I can work with.
Perhaps 2016 will work out much like 2008 except that we can learn from our mistakes this time.
IIRC, LPRC formed in 2006. Susan Hogarth either founded or cofounded it. I was not involved in that. Around that time Boston Tea Party was founded by Tom Knapp. I was not involved in that then. However by 2008 it became clear that the radicals would not win, as usual, But rather some other, like LINO Bob Barr. Although radical Mary Ruwart ran a strong second and radical Steve Kubby(jewish) lost the vp to WAR Wayne Allan Root(jewish).
I was clearly not doing well and did not even go to the convention. However I did fare well in the BTP race which came down to me and Charles Jay, Jay winning the nomination. And of course the BTP went nowhere; a wasted opportunity.
In 2012 again, the radicals lost out to a LINO, Gary Johnson. Again I didn’t even go to the convention. Interesting though, my van was smashed in the front by a hit and run just days before the convention which ruined any chance of me driving my van to the convention. The BTP ran me v Tiffany Briscoe who won the nomination after 2 online debates. Briscoe was later withdrawn as nominee. In another online election I lost to Jim Duensing. However Kimberly Johnson was nominated vp, which if I had won would have formed a fusion ticket i.e. a progressive man p. and libertarian woman vp. This is one of the main elements in a PLAS campaign. Another wasted opportunity.
Now comes 2016. Clearly the non radicals are going to win the lp nomination, very possibly Gary Johnson again. Although radical Darryl Perry is running a strong-about second. Here we have a clear opportunity to restart the BTP OR create a new radical libertarian online party. I have already suggested a name: The Lexington Green party. We could put in the bylaws that it MUST nominate a fusion ticket. We know there is NO Possibility of a fusion ticket via the LP convention. Quite the contrary.
After nominating a fusion ticket, we can run candidates on ballots that have no libertarian or green. And coordinate the Green and Libertarian ballots to have ONLY a Green(progressive) or libertarian.
Then it would be a matter of educating the voters to vote for a Green or libertarian on every ballot, NOT a democrat or republican. PLAS!
Will we waste this opportunity?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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7 Responses to Libertarian Party Radical Caucus: Formally Organized

  1. Dude says:

    What stops you from just starting an online party on your own? Just throw up a website or blog and call it whatever you want. If people like what you have to say they will join or participate.

  2. You were not second for the BTP in 2008 or 2012.

    In 2008 you received 5 votes and finished third behind both NOTA (9 votes) and Charles Jay (28 votes).

    In 2012 you received 1 vote and finished fourth behind Briscoe (13 votes), NOTA (4 votes), and Phil Davison (2 votes).

  3. Ok, I stand corrected.
    My point is I was there. I’m here now, with the added advantage of learning from mistakes.

    • And, after I did some investigative reporting, Briscoe was voted out.
      I was in the subsequent election do-over, which narrowly even happened at all.
      Lost to Duensing, the shot guy. Which was a very simple police manipulated covert operation by The ZOG, the intent was to kill him.
      WSS, why did my email to your facebook get rejected?

  4. I’m not sure but I think I got deleted on lprc facebook. I wote two or three comments and went back last night and they were still there. Could not find them today.

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