My Dad Is Getting Worse. I Blame the fbi/mossad.

I talking about my dad’s psychiatric condition. Mostly anxiety, depression.
He has told me several times about the close calls he’s had driving. While I am driving him around in his car he is very anxious, seeing a possible accident everywhere. Once while he was driving before my sister took his license out of his wallet, a car veered towards us from the next lane headon, then suddenly veered back. I noticed it and it affected me. So I can guess how several such incidents would affect someone.
I noticed his driving was getting a little worse, but it was still good enough IMO. He did not have any accidents, points or tickets. Recently he told me he has NEVER had an accident. And IIRC over the years I don’t recall any accident he was involved in. So I have little doubt that is true.
Yes, I suspect the fbi/mossad has orchestrated many of these. The purpose is to negatively affect my father, one of my few supporters. This led to my sister and brother-in-law saying that they noticed his anxiety, depression, slower responses etc and that they thought he should not drive anymore. I disagreed. So my sister resorted to taking his license and reporting him to his doctors who wrote to DMV in Trenton. Trenton suspended his license. He’s gone downhill since.
One of the things my nephew yelled at me was that if grandpa drives he will kill himself or somebody else. I said no, those are not the only two options. Then he said grandpa’s parking space was his and I was forbidden to park my dad’s car there anymore.
Whether my nephew, sister and/or brother-in-law are in collusion with the fbi/mossad or not I do not know. But I am suspicious.

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1 Response to My Dad Is Getting Worse. I Blame the fbi/mossad.

  1. Dude says:

    Don’t be naive. Of course they are!

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