Are the Camden County and Mount Ephraim Police Honoring My Call for Wawa Boycott?

Like I said here and in Court, I was a longstanding customer of Wawa. Sure I noticed it was a fast food, fast gas place. But I did not know that was Wawa’s policy: customers were to be in and out in 10-15 minutes. Otherwise they could/would be considered trespassers. So my scaling back my RV visits for gas, food and drink from a few hours to one in order to allow the motor to cool to assure restart at the pump was not good enough.
Recently I have been checking out the Wawa in Mount Ephraim. The various police cars were usually parked around. Often for quite some time. Officers would stand-no sitting facilities in Wawa!-around together talking over a cup of coffee and a sandwich or donut. They were polite and friendly to customers. I personally felt fine with that. But recently I haven’t seen ANY patrol cars in the lot. I have not gone in the store to check it out but I have driven around the lot. No police.
Actually there is no necessary reason for police to be there. Unless they are called there which rarely happens. There are many such places for police to go.
Then it occurred to me that maybe they were honoring my call for boycott. Or at least sufficiently uncomfortable with the obvious contradiction of a Mount Ephraim police officer charging me with trespass, Wawa management sending one low ranking new employee to testify against me and a Mount Ephraim Judge, Kristen McCrink finding me guilty of trespass while they hanged around for long periods. Which again I am fine with. But don’t hand me a ticket for something remarkably similar to what you are doing.
Or did do.
If so, thank you, officers.

Addendum Saturday, April 2. Around 9pm I drove around Wawa and did not go in. I did not see any patrol cars in the parking lot. Then I went down the street to Taco Bell. There were 2 Camden County police officers. Ordering! Which I had never seen before there. Young men, they were dressed rather casual I thought, but clearly had a badge and holstered pistol. There was a car with CG plates outside nearest to the front door, engine idling.

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