My Report on LP Radical Caucus Online Meeting

Tuesday, April 5 at 6 pm EST.
I was a little late. Internet slow in my area around this time of day/evening. Slow download of GoToMeeting.
Present were Susan Hogarth, Caryn Ann Harlos, David, John Smith, Sue Miller, James Gholston. paulie joined in later.
There was a long discussion of the LPRC position on the Oregon situation. Susan said she had difficulty understanding it. One of the few things I managed to say was me too. Then someone on private chat asked me if I intended to try for a fusion ticket. I said yes. Then that is contrary to our stated goals. I am dismissing you. Webcam closed by organizer. How is that contrary to the stated goals? Caryn Ann Harlos: LOL! 7:03. The organizer has dismissed you from the meeting.
So evidently someone, I think it was Susan, summarily dismissed me. On what authority? On what grounds?
This got me to thinking that this unfair treatment reminds me of Prof. George Phillies barring me from the LPMA debate. On his own…whim, basically.
Back then I asked if Phillies was jewish or pro Israel or has ties to dhs/fbi/mossad. I was unable to find out if he is jewish or not.
So now I find myself asking if Susan Hogarth is jewish. Or Caryn Ann Harlos.
I suspect the entire lp is infiltrated, including the LPRC. By jews who are virtually all Israel supporters. Or gentiles pro-Israel. Or by dhs/fbi and/or mossad agents, operatives, lackeys, dupes. provocateurs etc.
Note that not so very long ago I was supportive of the U.N. partition resolutions and a two state solution to the Palestine situation. Now I realize that position is VERY wrong. The U.N. resolutions were a huge mistake. Understandably made right after the catastrophe of WW2. But Israel has become a huge problem. A racist, apartheid, counterrevolutionary theocracy with a significant arsenal of both conventional and nuclear weapons. And a pathological relationship with a superpower, the USA.
Addendum. Wednesday, April 6. Note also that until recently, this very incident, I had supported Susan Hogarth for vp on a fusion ticket. Further, I hadn’t even considered whether she was jewish or not. This shows how much I have been brainwashed.
So, lessons learned? Lessons from WW2? Lessons from previous LP conventions? Never Again! is not just for jews!
EVERY libertarian is going to have to ask EVERY OTHER libertarian whether or not they are jewish, whether or not they are non-Jewish supporters of Israel AND whether or not they are an agent or operative or otherwise involved with the dhs/fbi and/or mossad. AND, AND, verify as best they can the answer they are given.
I say now that the LP COULD WIN in 2016 with a fusion ticket. It is not quite too late. But the nomination is in dire jeopardy. The LP is massively infiltrated and controlled/manipulated.
I was going to recommend that the LPRC endorse the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement. This should have been done by the LP long ago. THAT is an example of how much the LP is infiltrated.
In addition to a fusion ticket, I was going to recommend reactivation of BTP(Boston Tea Party) and/or creation of a new online party which I propose to be called the Lexington Green Party. If this party nominated a fusion ticket, that ticket could be brought to the LP convention. Then subsequently also the Green convention. Even if it failed to get either nomination, it could still proceed on its own for ballot access. Such a ticket, with proper promotion, could rapidly get enormous support. BECAUSE IT THEORETICALLY COULD WIN IN A CLOSE 3 WAY RACE! The system is set up so that possible winners get further support generally, and probable losers rapidly lose support. That is why the election cycle rapidly devolves into a 2 party race, the democrats and republicans.
The biggest exception to this was Teddy Roosevelt bolting the republican party in 1912. His creation, the Progressive party very nearly won AND very nearly set the stage for a complete sweep out of office of most democrats and republicans. I believe that if Woodrow Wilson also had bolted his party, the democrats, and joined the Progressive party ticket, The Progressive party may very well have won in 1912.
I was also going to request that the LPRC endorse my candidacy.
I was also going to ask whether Darryl Perry was participating with LPRC and whether LPRC would endorse his candidacy.
I was also going to ask whether William S. Saturn was participating with LPRC. He was very active in the BTP in 2011/12.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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12 Responses to My Report on LP Radical Caucus Online Meeting

  1. Dick Long says:

    This is Commodore 64 the replacement for ZOG disposed for (name redacted by NSA). LPRC is under surveillance. Achtung! Warning! Warning! Will Robinson!

  2. Faggot Zed Jiggler revealed that Mongoloid illegal alien Wang Tang Fool share an IP address.

  3. Faggot Zed Jiggler revealed that Mongoloid illegal alien Wang Tang Fool and Paulie share an IP address.

  4. LPRC bylaws says:

    Is that such a great revelation? Frankel stays with a lot of people, including a lot of LP members, uses the internet from LP meetings and events and conferences, borrows other people’s computers a lot, etc. It could have also been an IP anonymizer or VPN, or a floating IP. So, maybe they are the same person and maybe not. Maybe they are both computer programs in Quantico or some Mossad facility in Israel.

  5. I think you are him also. Silly cyberpig, plas place is for men.

  6. LPRC bylaws says:

    As if it matters what you think, Nathan.

  7. LPRC bylaws says:

    Robert Milnes:


    The LPRC shall be empowered to nominate, support, endorse, contribute to, or otherwise assist LP candidates for public office, as well as candidates for internal Libertarian Party offices. These powers shall be defined as follows:

    A. Nomination of Candidate

    Endorsement nominations for Libertarian candidates may only be made by an LPRC member. Whether to endorse any nominee shall be decided by majority vote of the Board.

    B. Removal of Support to Candidate

    The LPRC Board may by majority vote remove the LPRC’s endorsement of any candidate seeking an office. The Board should summarize the reasons for the decision to remove an endorsement in the meeting minutes.

    C. Cross-­endorsement or “fusion” candidates

    Cross­-endorsements of candidates of other parties (or caucuses) are not permitted under any circumstances.

  8. Why are fusion tickets/candidates and cross endorsement of other candidates and parties verboten?
    Who wrote these bylaws, cyberpig paulie or some other dhs/fbi/mossad lackey?

  9. Cyberhorse says:

    Marc Montoni, Italian-American atheist. You’d have to ask him why.

  10. I spoke with Mark Montoni the other day.
    I was not impressed.

  11. I basically said sup? He said he is not as radical as I think he should be. I said oh no. Et tu, Brute?
    He said gotta go. ( to Suck paulie’s dick?) He said you flake off too, ok Bob? We are all brainwashed so give it up.
    Auf wiedersehen, Israel dupe.

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