On My Plan to Go to the Libertarian National Convention.

May 27-30 in Orlando, FL.
The goal is to persuade the delegates to nominate a fusion ticket.
That is a progressive man for president, libertarian woman for vice president.
Then coordinate the down ticket ballots and vote at about 50/50 progressive-Green/Libertarian.
Then educate the voters about what has been set up for them as a viable third alternative to the democrats and republicans.
aka: PLAS!
Ideally the LPRC will have endorsed a fusion ticket before the convention.
Then submit that ticket for nomination at the convention.
OR they will have reactivated the BTP or created a new online party
and nominated a fusion ticket there.
Either way, the fusion ticket is then taken to the Green party at their National Convention.
August 4-7 in Houston, TX.
I plan to go there too.
I plan to go to CA AFTER the Libertarian Convention.
Then backtrack from CA to Houston in August.
Then back to CA.
Any help with this plan and/or my campaign would be greatly appreciated.
Addendum Sunday April 11.
Preliminary plan to drive from Philly down 1-95 in Sara’s rv which should be title transferred to me and transmission fixed by then. Could pick up a few people.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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6 Responses to On My Plan to Go to the Libertarian National Convention.

  1. LPRC bylaws says:



    The LPRC shall be empowered to nominate, support, endorse, contribute to, or otherwise assist LP candidates for public office, as well as candidates for internal Libertarian Party offices. These powers shall be defined as follows:

    A. Nomination of Candidate

    Endorsement nominations for Libertarian candidates may only be made by an LPRC member. Whether to endorse any nominee shall be decided by majority vote of the Board.

    B. Removal of Support to Candidate

    The LPRC Board may by majority vote remove the LPRC’s endorsement of any candidate seeking an office. The Board should summarize the reasons for the decision to remove an endorsement in the meeting minutes.

    C. Cross-­endorsement or “fusion” candidates

    Cross­-endorsements of candidates of other parties (or caucuses) are not permitted under any circumstances.

  2. rwm4prez2012 says:

    The LPRC is going to have to change this bylaw.
    Otherwise you rule out PLAS and condemn yourselves- and ALL libs and greens- to defeat.
    Take a second look at this bylaw. Who wrote it? What hidden agenda? Who seconded and what vote was taken?
    If paulie had ANYTHING to do with it, it is suspect.

  3. I’ll march my army onto Orlando and seize the nomination. No bylaws will stop us. WE WILL WIN!!! If you don’t like it you better get used to it.

  4. Cyberhorse says:

    Marc with a c Montoni is Italian-American. Susan Hogarth is of Welsh descent, and George Phillies is a Grecian. None of them are converts to Judaism.

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