A Call for Progressive Men to Be the PLAS Fusion Presidential Candidate.

For quite some time I have called for a libertarian woman to join me in a PLAS fusion ticket as vp candidate. There seems to be a rash of libertarian presidential candidates picking their preference for vp candidate in the run up to the Libertarian National Convention. Looks like NONE are women. I believe there are a very few
women libertarian presidential candidates and none are doing well. The LP is NOTORIOUS for the lack of women on their tickets. Lack of women members generally, particularly activists, as well.
John McAfee/Judd Weiss, McAfee software, neighbor in Belize murdered. Weiss(jewish? sleeper agent?) evidently pleading nolo contendere involving a rape allegation.
Gary Johnson/Judge Gray, republican lite, ditto.
Darryl Perry/Will Coley, genuine plumbline radical, converted Muslim.
Marc Feldman/Kanye West, stealth jewish terrorist, Kanye The Great!!!
Up until the other day I had put out an open invitation to Susan Hogarth (jewish?) to be my vp. She is cofounder of LPRadical Caucus. I retract that pending further developments at LPRC. She evidently had the outrageous gall to dismiss me from an online conference. I emailed Mark Montoni, cofounder LPRC, about this.
I want to know if Caryn Ann Harlos and Prof. George Phillies are jewish also. Harlos attended the conference. Phillies barred me from the LPMA Presidential Debate.
I also publicized that I thought Jesse Johnson of WV would be a good PLAS ticket progressive(Green) candidate. In other words since I believe the PLAS ticket could win, I believe Jesse Johnson would be my choice for the next President of the U.S. Other than myself.
So now and here at The PLAS Place, I call for progressive men to come forward. Step up to the plate as I have. Or draft someone YOU would like.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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17 Responses to A Call for Progressive Men to Be the PLAS Fusion Presidential Candidate.

  1. Marty Markowitz says:

    For president: Russ Feingold, Jim Hightower, Kanye West, George Clooney, or Alan Grayson

    For vice president: Avens O’Brien, Jill Pyeatt, Caitlyn Jenner, Elfnino’s Mom, or Christine Nightingale

  2. Marty, do you mean Chelene Nightingale?

    • Marty Markowitz says:

      Oh yes. Please excuse my air. I meant Chelene Nightingale of California. Imagine Clooney/Nightingale. That’s unbeatable.

  3. Are you tripping, Marty?

    • Marty Markowitz says:

      In the 1912 election Woodrow Wilson (progressive) received 41.8%, Theodore Roosevelt (libertarian) received 27.4%, combined that equals 69.2%, a clear majority. If we nominate George Clooney (progressive) and Chelene Nightingale (libertarian) the ticket will get at least 69%.

  4. OK. Not near my logic, but close enough.
    Are you going to draft Clooney?
    BTW, Chelene is crazy.

  5. Cyberhorse says:

    Various commenters at IPR claimed they had videos of Chelene Nightingale having sex with barnyard animals that they would be releasing, yet no tapes ever came forward. Does anyone here know whether such tapes actually exist and if so who has them and where?

  6. For real or are you just horsing around?
    I don’t know anything about it.

  7. Various commenters at IPR? The ZOGrag? jewish ownedby Warren Solomon and run by jewish cyberpig paulie banali?
    This gal resembles Chelene like I resemble the outdoor masturbater in Sacramento.
    Do me a favor, cyberhorse? If you are going to link smut on my blog, make it better smut, like Kate Upton in tshirt getting out of swimming pool. ok?

  8. I mean Marty Markowitz, not cyberhorse.
    Sometimes I get the asshole commenters/disinformation/provocateurs confused.

  9. Cyberhorse says:

    I’m not alleging that the video actually exists, I am just curious to know if it does or not. And IPR is just where I happened to see the comments. I am sure they must have been posted other places as well from the tone of the conversations. IPR did remove a lot of those comments but some of them were left up I think. New Age Mongolian Cybersheep paulie banali was helping run IPR at the time but as I understand it he actually left a few months ago and doesn’t even comment there anymore much less run anything, and has promised to never come back. I for one hope he keeps that promise.

  10. Marty Markowitz says:

    Here’s some more photos of (allegedly) Chelene Nightingale:


    • Marty Markowitz says:

      I’m not sure if she did horse porn. I haven’t found any. Grundmann believes it was Mark Seidenberg making the allegations so maybe he found the video of it on the dark web.

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