The Government Death Dealers.

Government is the ultimate power. Ultimate knower of secrets. Ultimate doer.
Oh, sure, private enterprise can now launch a rocket into space. Maybe it can do it better, cheaper. But government HAD to do it first. Could you imagine a private company pioneering rocket launching around WW2? It would be promptly undermined. Secrets stolen Suppressed so as to not sell to the enemy etc.
But what about death? The government can kill. But it cannot “unkill”. It cannot create life. But it does have the capacity, should it choose to do it, to preserve various specimens via cryonics. e.g. The Iceman; mammoths frozen in Siberia etc.
What if the government wanted to kill someone, but did not want the responsibility of possible criminal indictment? Or what if the government preferred someone die rather than say, go fully through a scandal, long and drawn out?
Let’s take the case of Joe Pa Paterno. Reknown, respected, venerated, legendary football coach, he was being drawn into the sordid Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal at Ivy League prestigious Pennsylvania State University. What if that was nipped in the bud, say he got hit by a truck and died? Wouldn’t that be a relief? Better, for him, Penn State, the sport of football,…America? Well, why not? Why not the government take it upon itself to kill him? Well…he’s Joe Pa! We can’t kill him! So, we poison him, make him sick. He goes to the hospital, a nice comfortable place. Clean, warm in winter, 3 hots and a cot. Gets diagnosed with cancer.
Promptly deteriorates and dies. Funeral, burial, done.
In order to accomplish this, someone would have to have the motive and the capability. To induce cancer. Is this possible? To get a person to deteriorate to the point of being declared dead, appearing dead to any witness, then revived. Someone would have to certify death, sign the death certificate. A government employee-a coroner/medical examiner. A fake funeral. Someone, a body or mannequin, who looks like-heavy make-up- the person able to fool mourners approaching the coffin and looking at someone they knew well and loved very much. And faking the burial/cremation. Then what do you do with this person?
Well, it depends. If it is someone like Joe Pa, you wake him up and offer him a new identity. With the remainder of his life. If no deal, drug him up. He spends the remainder of his life a drooling vegetable in some institution. If it is someone not liked, a political enemy for example, no offer. No deal.
Judge Anton Scalia. What if he was involved in a scandal? Soon to be exposed. Or a case coming up which it was anticipated he would vote against someone or something favored by the government. Poison, wake up, make an offer. Meanwhile everyone else thinks he is dead. And what if there was no imminent scandal or case, but rather simply the Israelis wanted to replace a gentile justice with a jewish justice? Or even more sinister, a fake scandal or case which Scalia took as real.
Let’s take a look at the death of neonazi William Luther Pierce. Died of cancer at the height of his career at age 68. Author of the popular The Turner Diaries. What if he did not actually die but was given cancer, poisoned, fake funeral, burial. He could still be alive somewhere, age 82. In Israel? Drugged? It certainly was a convenient death for anti-American Nazis.
Now what about the coincidental nearly simultaneous deaths by cancer of Ruth Blumenstein and Doris Klinkenberg? A coincidence not noticed by anyone -except the ACTUAL TARGET, ME! And the death by cancer of my former girlfriend, fantasized by ME as a potential First Lady, Nancy McCuskey Benson, PhD. The coincidental deaths of Dr. McFarland in Boulder, and my uncle Fredrick Milnes, a WW2 Marine, both possible political campaign assets in 2008. WHAT if there are a LOT of such deaths? Several, dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions????
Calling for an investigation would be absurd. Who would investigate? The government? Progress too easily suppressed. A private company, entity? A University? Bought off, extorted etc.
What is needed is an independent exhumation of one of these bodies. e.g. William Luther Pierce, Ruth Blumenstein, Nancy Benson.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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