Third Party Saint Richard Winger Reveals Himself to Be a Traitor to the Libertarian Movement and The UNITED STATES


Press Release: Third Party Advocate Richard Winger Endorses Governor Gary Johnson for President posted on Independent Political Report on April 21, 2016 by Jill Pyeatt.

Over the years I had several, usually lengthy in time and words, email conversations with Richard. I’ve written about it more than once here at The PLAS Place. We almost met-agreed to meet-at least twice. Once at a Green Party convention in North Carolina and once at some Board meeting Richard was attending in NYC. I think it was Free and Equal or Top Two. Anyway it never happened. Our conversations would usually end with me asking him to endorse PLAS. He would politely decline, once citing concern for his reputation.
I have been wondering what to do about Richard. He is undeniably well renown and respected in the libertarian and third party circles. Yet I seem to be in a position to need his endorsement to counter ZOG smears and character assassination against me and a suppression campaign against PLAS. Richard’s announcement of his endorsement for President has made the decision for me.
I believe Richard is jewish. Clearly Gary Johnson is the ZOG supported candidate for the LP nomination IN ORDER TO KEEP IT FROM SOMEONE WHO MIGHT ACTUALLY WIN- a PLAS candidate. PLAS is inherently anti-Israel which is a racist, apartheid counterrevolutionary theocracy. Virtually all jews support Israel, even libertarian or progressive/leftist jews e.g. Roseanne Barr. Either Richard figured this out on his own endorsing Johnson/supporting Israel/suppressing PLAS or somebody got to him. Just like jewish judge Laskin who illegally evicted me. My involvement in third party politics was not part of the proceedings so therefore in order for him to make such an immoral and illegal decision, somebody had to get to him.
Well you might say, what about all the YEARS of dedicated work about/for third parties? Much like paulie banali, all this was deliberate. To engratiate him. “Thanks, paulie.” is one of the most common phrases in IPR comments. He is always looking up stuff and providing information and opinion etc. IPR has been said to be virtually lost without paulie. Same for Richard. The definitive word in all third party matters.
Another word for this sort of situation is “sleeper agent”. The only difference is that jews are not trained and deliberately placed strategically. They are simply called upon when needed.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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16 Responses to Third Party Saint Richard Winger Reveals Himself to Be a Traitor to the Libertarian Movement and The UNITED STATES

  1. Marty Markowitz says:

    Just like paulie, there are rumors of homosexuality with him. I don’t think either are practicing Jews. Are you sure that the question is Jewish and not homosexual?

  2. Yes. I have no problem with LGBTQ.

  3. Cyberhorse says:

    They are both flaming homosexuals who love to gag and choke on the cock. It’s not exactly a secret in either case. But IPR virtually lost without Frankel? He left months ago and it seems to be doing just fine. Nobody misses him, if anything people are happier now that he is gone or in the case of some just don’t care. Give me a break, he is at best an oozing hemorrhoid on the ass of IPR.

  4. So Robert Milnes is now embracing faggotry. That is sad. Very sad. Especially since he said on August 4, 2014:

    “I have come to the conclusion that radiating bridges are always heterosexual. The observation of hermaphroditic earthworms always lining up M-F seems conclusive. Radiating bridges are present in free flowing energy, what Reich called Orgone, situations i.e. in the presence of psychoanalytic health. Presently all sex is neurotic. However if individuals and/or couples achieve psychoanalytic health, gay sex will disappear.

    “Ironically Grundmann’s ideal, elimination of gay sex is revolutionary, not as Grundmann i.e. counterrevolutionary.

    “I realize this is not a politically correct thing to say. but it has been bothering me for quite some time to not say it in my campaign”

  5. NewFederalist says:

    Geez, Bob!

  6. Disgusting. And you’re embracing this shit? Shame on you Robert.

  7. Cyberhorse says:

    Shame on all cyberpigs, fuck pigs. and cyberfuckpigs everywhere!

  8. A couple years ago I told Milnes that part of the Fappening release was a photo of Kate Upton with semen on her back. He didn’t believe me but I’ll link it now to get away from all the faggotry on this page.

  9. Cyberhorse says:

    Thank you Nathan. That was truly fapworthy!

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