Another RV Non-Start/Ticket Incident.

One thing about my RV. IT STARTS! It always has, right from the start! The guy I bought it from must have known there was a fuel pump problem, so he must have loaded the carb just before I arrived. We got inside the door. The doghouse(interior motor housing) was off. There was the motor. The key was in the ignition. He leaned over and started the motor. It started right up. Smoothed out to a purring, steady idle. No backfire, no sputtering, no smoke etc. After a little while he turned it off. I said how about the air conditioner. It was a little stuffy and there was a rooftop a.c. He was ready. It must have been plugged into the household.
So it has started reliably since. There is nothing wrong with the starter; never has been. So I have gotten used to how this RV starts-and reliably. The last time it didn’t start, I KNEW immediately something was wrong. It was acting like the coil wasn’t working. Enough high voltage spark at the right time, Top Dead Center, for the ignited gas to expand driving the piston. But it was a new coil! At least that is what the mechanic said and charged me for. TO date, that non-start has yet to be explained except as possible tampering with the coil FROM THE OUTSIDE, maybe 50-100 feet away. A parking lot would be a good place to hide that. Electronic suppression of the coil.
So here I am again in the same parking lot. Same thing. I could SENSE the same thing was happening. Later, ticket on windshield, same cop. But this time coincidentally there was another RV parked overnight. I talked with the guy the next morning; I was up all night. He said he did not get a ticket.
I wound up talking to the Audubon police Captain. I said I had a complaint against this officer unless he could talk me out of it. I did get the concession that if it happens again, I can call the police and discuss it with an officer on duty. That he assured me I wouldn’t get a ticket if I did that. I had left a large note on my dashboard. I told him about my suspicions about electronic suppression of the coil. He was skeptical.
So I guess I’ll pay the ticket.
So, does anyone have a way to counter electronic suppression of the coil? Spy v spy!
So, lets see if it happens again.

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8 Responses to Another RV Non-Start/Ticket Incident.

  1. Cyberhorse says:

    You need to step up your schedule of masturbating in front of the TV. If you do it enough, your mental energy will overwhelm the coil suppressors.

  2. It must have taken a lot of masturbatin to think that one up, Cy Ho.

  3. Cyberhorse says:

    You’re the expert.

    • That is not a denial, CyberHo.

      • Cyberhorse says:

        No, it’s an acknowledgement that you are the expert here. And I don’t know about how it is in your neck of the woods but where I’m from a horse and a ho are two different things. But
        hay, maybe that depends on what barn you sleep in. As for me all I can say is neigh.

  4. Cyberhorse says:

    Maybe that’s why Milnes is such a high level genius.

  5. Maybe you can fix it by lifting the hood and jerking off into it.

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