Announcing My Filing with the FEC.

The ZOG suppression of my campaign and PLAS has been enormously successful. So I have had very little support. A candidate does not have to file with the FEC until a threshold of $5000 is reached. Also Form 1 requires 3 campaign staff, a Treasurer, Custodian of Records and a Committee Agent. I was not able to fill these positions. So, up to now I did not have to file and did not. But that is a vicious cycle. Not filing implies there is not much of a campaign, not a “serious” campaign. That causes little or no support. Which has the appearance of no or not serious campaign and so on.
But as the LP National Convention approaches, Orlando, FL May 26-30, a candidate must be filed with the FEC in order to get on the list of nominees for the vote. So I decided to file and hope the campaign kicks in. I will need campaign staff, a movement contributions agency, file Form 1 soon and a campaign RV. The RV is my choice of transportation. I do not and will not fly. A car, even SUV or van are just too small if there is more than one person.
Accepted FEC-1070569
Candidate ID: P60021227
I sent notification of my filing with FEC to via their website. I have not and will not actively campaigned at Green functions-that being one favorable consequence of a general suppression of my campaign. Form 2 asks for one party affiliation so I selected Libertarian Party. I will not pursue the Green Party nomination until reconsideration after the Libertarian Party nomination. So I believe I qualify as a serious candidate pursuant to LP rules. I should be on their list of candidates which numbers 17 now I believe. And I believe I qualify for the list of nominees at the convention.
I’m hoping this Announcement will change the unfavorable dynamics. I hope for your support. I hope to be at the convention. I believe a PLAS ticket can win with a close plurality in what would become a three way race.
All I am saying is give PLAS a chance.
Behold the spectacle. As America struggles with its destiny.
WE shall see.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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3 Responses to Announcing My Filing with the FEC.

  1. Did the LP respond to your message? You probably need to say you are dropping the Green run entirely and provide a recent professional photograph.

  2. No response yet.
    Can’t they hack NJDMV?

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