Milnes Campaign Recognized by Libertarian National Committee.

Further information soon.
Sunday, 5/8 Further information. Esp. for skeptics like Tom Knapp.
I received a communication from Bob Johnston cc Wes Benedict, Nicholas Sarwark, with attached pdf. A document sent to all recognized candidate campaigns such that would candidate sign a document promptly after nomination to coordinate cooperation with the lp and lnc particularly regarding donor list. I upon due consideration responded yes, I would sign such a document.
I then sent Johnston an email asking could I construe this as recognition of my campaign in that I am not listed with 17 others om He replied “You meet the criteria”
I then sent an email to Johnston cc WB, NS, complaining I am under covert attack and will the party investigate and will the party do something about it? No reply as yet.
That’s not how it works Tom. I talk sexy in front of my tv and if Matalin is live on the channel I have on I can see her reaction.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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4 Responses to Milnes Campaign Recognized by Libertarian National Committee.

  1. Cyberhorse says:

    It’s fappening!

  2. This is bullshit. You’re lying to everyone. You’re not listed on the website unless you changed your name and/or sex without telling anyone. On the other hand, Nathan Norman is recognized as a candidate by the Libertarian Party of Oregon. I am a real candidate.

  3. Marty Markowitz says:

    It’s down to the wire. Maybe you should announce a running mate like Feldman did. He picked Kanye but for you I’m thinking someone else from the family. How about Caitlin Jenner? Even though he’s female he doesn’t have all the normal emotional baggage that comes with actual women. Plus reports say he’s about to transition back into being Bruce so you have to act fast. Make the announcement. Milnes-Jenner ’16 PLAS!!

  4. Cyberhorse says:

    Sounds like a winning ticket to me.

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