Camden County, NJ, Boulder County, CO Police, STAND BY.

There MUST be an exhumation of Ruth Blumenstein and Nancy Benson.
The county elected politicians and judges are unreliable, corrupt.
YOU must prove to America that YOU are not.
We understand and accept that there are customary and lawful and necessary actions to be taken upon the death of a human being.
Hospital, hospice, at home etc. Via first responders, health care facilities, coroner/medical examiners, funeral homes.
However there is evidence that these actions have been horribly abused in certain cases, perhaps many more than thought.
And that this has been going on for quite some time. Decades, perhaps centuries.
Evidently NOT by first responders. In fact first responders are often the victims of abuses as well. September 11 for example.
SOMEBODY did 9/11 and have not been brought to justice. Osama Bin Laden was AT LEAST a material witness. IF he is in fact dead. I have my skepticism. WHOEVER did it knew FULL WELL that MANY first responders would be injured and killed.
I suspect many people have been poisoned or otherwise drugged/treated such that they appear and are accepted by first responders, as dead.
But are not. They are then kidnapped, possibly in some cases voluntarily taken (Joe Paterno, Antonin Scalia?), a substitute body put in place.
For me personally, this involves several people associated with my family, friends, supporters and most notably my political supporters, even would be or might be supporters. Ruth Blumenstein and Nancy Benson for example.
I have written about this here at The PLAS Place. I call these people my List of the Disappeared. Most are accepted as dead but I do not believe that they are in fact dead at the time of their “death”. For example, Dr. McFarland. He was 79. Would now be 87. He may have died while “in custody”. His remains were supposedly donated to medical science. Specifically to the University of Denver Medical School. I do not believe this but it would be extremely difficult to prove.
However the cases of Ruth Blumenstein and Nancy Benson are more recent and PROVABLE by simple exhumation. And genetic testing of remains, if there are any.
Benson was 63 in 2012. She would be 67 now, 4 years older than me. I think she is in custody somewhere, probably a secure medical facility in USA. Probably drugged, told a false story if anything. Blumenstein is more probably in a secure military/medical facility in Israel.
The truth can be discovered by exhumation.
Either the police/first responders must take on the responsibility of exhumation or I will have to do it myself.
In which case I ask them to STAND BY-do not interfere.
We WILL find out if I am insane or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has been corrupted.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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