Why I’m Not Going to the Libertarian National Convention

Basically because it should be called the Losertarian National Convention.
And it COULD be called the Winnertarian National Convention.
I’ve received very little support over the years. Somebody in CA voted for me in the recent poll. Not good enough. The ZOG propaganda and smears and character assassination are too powerful.
I figured I MIGHT get a chance to briefly address the delegates. I had a brief, concise explanation of PLAS planned in my mind. Try to encourage, inspire etc.
Just seems too little too late. Probably packed with ZOG Gary Johnson lackeys/dupes anyway.
I can’t afford to go really. Not and also go to CA right after. So it is choose.
I really can’t leave my stuff. I’ve got no one to cover for me reliably. Watch my house, rvs, car, cat. My uncle, cousin drunks, disabled. My dad circling the drain thanks to the FBI and my sister. Her son, my nephew, wants to attack me. One friend drunk; another in CA recovering from germ warfare ADEM. No wife or girlfriend. etc.
I’m supposed to go there to face more frustration, misunderstanding, non understanding, humiliation, etc. No, thanks!
So, have fun at your fool convention, losertarians!


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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