Libertarian Convention Will Be A Debacle. Is There A Plan B?

Yes, possibly.
Basically there are 5 leading presidential candidates out of 18. This is consistent with the latest poll.
Austin Petersen 50%
Gary Johnson 31%
John McAfee 10%
Kevin McCormick 4%
Darryl Perry 1%
Other 2%
All others: Less than 1%
Perry is the radical, the only radical as far as I can tell. He clearly has no chance to win. Never did. Despite endorsement by LP Radical Caucus.
The most important element of PLAS is to nominate a fusion ticket. A progressive/leftist president/libertarian/rightist vice president.
The 3 possible opportunities to do so are:
1. Online radical party nomination. The Boston Tea Party could have in Dec. 2011 but did not. Also in 2008. It is now effectively defunct.
2. Libertarian party nomination. May 2016.
3. Green party nomination. August 2016.
After the GP convention there is just about zero chance of Libertarian or Green election victories, especially the presidential ticket, this cycle.
Now, the online radical party could still be tried. The only thing lost from an LP convention debacle is the presidential ticket. It must be ignored.
If the radicals can get the online party reinstated(BTP) or create a new one (Lexington Green), that party could dedicate itself to nominating a fusion ticket, quickly. Also it could concentrate on getting on as many ballots as possible, particularly ones the Green party is not on and may have difficulty getting on.
That way it can bring some ballot access in addition to the fusion ticket to the GP convention.
Yes, either the online party has to get on enough ballots to theoretically win, or it must convince the GP to nominate their -fusion-ticket.
Upon that, the fusion ticket should gradually get increasing polling quickly to 15%, the debate threshold. All that needs to be done is to educate the voters that now there are 3 tickets that could win, the democrat, the republican and the fusion(PLAS) tickets.
True, it will be close. A close plurality in what would become a three way race. Fusion(PLAS)40%, democrat 30%, republican 30%.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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5 Responses to Libertarian Convention Will Be A Debacle. Is There A Plan B?

  1. Are you saying that if the BTP nominated you and that Kimberly woman, you would be finishing off your first term in the White House right now?

  2. Something like that.
    Unfortunately Kimberly was clueless so she endorsed Duensing.
    If I had won, I would have insisted we campaign together to educate the voters about the third possible winning ticket.
    Kimberly is smart. She would have eventually got it.

  3. BTW, very astute NN.
    I liked your joke about Welded Johnson in IPR.
    Got Jill’s panties in an uproar!

  4. After I win Friday’s Oregon primary, I’m thinking about joining the Modern Whig Party and seeking their presidential nomination. Do you plan on joining another party after the Convention?

  5. If you campaigned with Kimberly do you think you would have gotten in her panties?

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