The Losertarian Party and The Definition of Insanity.

We have all heard variations of the definition of insanity in pop lexicon. “Insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Further, that same thing is the American elections every November. Every four years the presidential elections. American elections could be called the yearly massacre figuratively for third parties, independents and write ins. The third parties gather their rag tag “forces” and frontally assault the democratic/republican fortress castles including moat. The result is ALWAYS a massacre, most not even reaching the moat. It is crazy.
The Libertarian party and libertarians know this. Pundits like Tom Knapp actually accurately predict election results. The Libertarian candidate, and the Green candidate get somewhere around 1 million votes, 1%, about $1 million in contributions. Compared to the democrats and republicans around 50 million votes, 1 billion contributions. Each. It is crazy.
What to do? Dunno. Nothing. Nothing can be done. It is crazy.
I have been involved in the presidential cycles since about 2004. Tom Knapp and I corresponded for years. We eventually developed what I have come to call PLAS. Finally he quit, quitting politics altogether. Then he started touting NOTA. Now he is back in LP politics, to be a delegate at the convention.
I have been lumped in with the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe for talking about winning, talking PLAS. Yet each year I get more and more specific about HOW EXACTLY certain relatively small adjustments in third party strategy could result in victory. Sure, CLOSE, a close plurality in what would become a three way race. But victory nonetheless. And in American politics, the most votes wins, winner takes all. Actually, the democrats and republicans and the libertarians and greens and the nationalists/constitutionists have about the same number of potential voters. 33%, 33%, 33%.
So, I’m lumped in with the lunatics, also I’m getting a lot of suppression of my campaign. When I mention things like eugenics or tv surveillance, or Nazis caucusing with the Libertarians, well, that just feeds into the Bob is insane narrative. But no, I am serious and CORRECT i.e. not insane. There is tv surveillance and the Nazis should be allowed to caucus in the LP etc.
I am not insane. The LP is insane.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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