Libertarian National Convention Open Thread.

Anything IPR can do, The PLAS Place can do better.
Any/all comments about the convention welcome here.
Especially live from the convention floor.

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11 Responses to Libertarian National Convention Open Thread.

  1. Below is a review of yesterday’s debate that keeps getting censored from IPR:

    My take:

    Feldman – sounded whiney . . . looked out of place . . . but the “not sucked” line was gold . . .

    Johnson – probably has the most annoying voice of any politician . . . maybe he could win 10% if he took a vow of silence for the next 6 months . . . his voice is full of apprehension as if he isn’t sure if he should be saying what he’s saying when he says it. . . annoying as hell . . . again, how could this guy be elected dogcatcher much less governor?

    McAfee – acts drunk as hell . . . the cussing was off-putting (weren’t there women in attendance?) . . . hard to hear or understand what this madman is saying at times . . . but what I could make out sounded strong and forceful . . .

    Perry – goofy, goofy, goofy . . . embodies the song “Boxcar Blues” and looks the part . . . but was honest and consistent . . . had good substance and oneliners

    Petersen – Marco Rubio wannabe (but with a pyramid pile of pussy instead of gay foam parties) . . . looks like a stereotypical asshole politician . . . had some good oneliners and took Johnson to task for picking Weld . . . hearing Weld getting booed while in attendance just warmed my heart . . .

    But who wasn’t there?

    Robert Milnes – I heard he was going to Denver, finally taking up Doug Stanhope’s offer to pay his travel expenses to the 2008 convention . . . but got distracted by a tv news reporter on tv so won’t be able to make it . . .

    Derrick Michael Reid – heard he’s in Washington . . . measuring curtains in the White House . . .

    Nathan Norman – I heard he’s in O-town . . . hanging out with Austin Gillespie . . . plotting a convention takeover . . . nothing to see . . .

    • Ok, NN.
      I guess that was better than nothing.
      Poor Darryl, polled only 1% in lp survey. Even I got some votes, although not breaking the 1% barrier. The LPRC is pathetic.
      paulie’s back! LOL! When are the libertarians going to get wise about him. And Warren Solomon. And Richard Winger.
      Somebody at the convention post something. e.g. what kind of stains are on the front of paulie’s t-shirt?

  2. They’re cum stains on his shirt from sucking globalist cock.

  3. I see the cyberpig waddling around . . . apparently he uses a walker now . . . Oh . . . now I see . . .one of his feet are missing . . . I guess the diabeetus got to him . . . more to come

  4. Nighttime . . . this is when the interesting stuff begins . . . I saw Weld and Johnson sharing a room . . . that’s strange . . . there’s a lot of hookers here . . . personally I don’t partake . . . a few minutes ago I saw the cyberpig going into his room with a couple of scantily clad men kissing on him on each side . . . you could see the guys’ cocks . . . like I said they weren’t wearing much . . . cyberpig must have spent a lot of money . . . rumor has it an orgy broke out in Darryl’s room . . . topless women are everywhere

  5. Apparently the Cyberpig took a break from the cumguzzling to censor some comments at IPR . . .

  6. Yes, some comments were deleted.
    I wonder who would do such a thing?
    Thank you Moses Auswin for the complement, Website of the Year: The PLAS Place.
    Too bad it was deleted.

    • Thanks, paulie, for being so helpful in order to ingratiate yourself into the libertarian movement and spy and rat them all out to The ZOG. Richard Winger too. Rat.
      Warren Solomon Zionist lackey.
      Libertarians, ZOG dupes, at best.

  7. Just received a visit to my room from someone telling me to stop this liveblog . . . apparently I’m “making the party look bad . . . I’m not the one engaging in the debauchery . . . I won’t stop reporting it . . . the truth must be told . . . probably be going to sleep soon though . . .

  8. It is difficult to figure out who the rats are.
    Remember, Darryl was BTP Chair when it was defunct. And before that he said Tiffany Briscoe was ok. I said no, Darryl, we want a vote on it which won-barely. Briscoe/Pierre Croissant/Ogle/USParliament/covert operation was out. No thanks to Darryl.
    And did you see Nick Sarwark interview on CNN, mimmicking the meme that the dems and reps have such bad candidates that they are going to rush to the LP. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Each side will double down in fear and hatred of the other. They know the LP will lose, they don’t want to waste their vote, so they will double down on their chosen lesser of two evils.
    This meme comes from The ZOG.

  9. The interview of Sarwark was on msnbc video posted in IPR comments.

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