Libertarian Party Nominates Weld My Johnson Ticket! LOL!

One commenter in IPR noted that McCormick’s count looked suspicious. Libertarian National Convention Open Thread.
Antirevolutionary May 29, 2016 at 11:30.
That is his count was so small and the vote so close Johnson just under 50%, that the second round would put Johnson very close just over 50% if enough of McCormick’s votes went to Johnson.
Is it possible that the vote was so EXTREMELY controlled? That for Johnson to win on the first ballot was considered too suspicious. So the delegate vote was so KNOWN beforehand, so stacked, the fix was in. They arranged for Johnson to win on the second ballot.
Note that the Weld vote was similar. Very close but short of 50% on the first ballot. Just over 50% on second ballot.
Note also that setting up a second ballot victory with first ballot close to 50%, avoids what happened in 2004. That is when the dropped candidate-Nolan- threw his support to Badnarik third place, pushing him over 50% over Russo, jew and probable ZOG candidate.
Also I noted Cathy Glass as delegate from Texas. IIRC she was a noted Tea Party activist.
Could the Tea Party be the recruitment source for delegates to stack the convention?
Reader FYI. One reason I did not attend convention was that I have no place to park my rv. So I planned for it to be at my mechanic’s shop getting repairs during the convention. But he kept putting me off until it became too late. This shows incredibly detailed surveillance and precision action.
Am I -and others presumably-under THAT detailed surveillance and covert operation control?
In Alicia Dearn Explains Weld Endorsement IPR she told about being told by someone “outside the party” that if Weld wasn’t on the ticket, polling and getting into the debates would not happen. So she endorsed him.
So who gets endorsements- controlled? Who gets nominated- controlled? Who shows up to the convention- controlled?
You know, I’ve often wondered why The ZOG just doesn’t kill me. I think it is because it is not necessary. They’ve got everything so controlled, they don’t need to resort to violence. Except in maybe a few cases. Possibly Vernon the Nazi troll. Is he dead? I don’t know. But his website sure is moribund.
Presumably-not reportedly-Susan Hogarth got caught with her panties down when, as the radicals started leaving in disgust after the Johnson/ZOG nomination, she light saber signaled to stay and vote for Coley. Come to find out the vote was rigged.
Wannabe white boy jew Weiss endorses muslim convert white boy Coley. Interesting. Even paulie wannabe white boy jew cyberpig says he didn’t see that one coming! Don’t worry. I’m sure it will get reported to ZOG Control.
Why bother to show up to the convention at all, radicals?
Conclusion: ZOG massacre of libertarians/radicals at Libertarian Convention. What else?
I note that Tom Knapp can be reached via
Kubby is jewish. Tom was intimately involved in his presidential campaign in 2008.
Shortly thereafter he (Tom) started acting strange. Dumping my campaign as manager, dumping our years longstanding communications about what I would come to call PLAS. Dodging participation in BTP, his creation. Then pursuing counterproductive NOTA. Then back to LP after BTP declared defunct by… Darryl Perry.
Care to explain your present involvement with jew Kubby, Tom?
Good pay and fringe benefits/perks I assume.

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