Tom Knapp: Once a Marine, Always a Marine OR Traitor?

Traitor to The UNITED STATES AND the libertarian movement? Government operative and/or ZOG lackey or dupe?
Remember, Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marine. I have written here at The PLAS Place about Oswald.
The only other explanation I have for Knapp’s behavior over the years is that he is brainwashed against PLAS and/or me. He sincerely believes, incorrectly, I am an anti-Semite. Mistaking anti-Israel, a racist, apartheid, counterrevolutionary theocracy terrorist country for anti-Semitism, or deliberately accusing one of being anti-Semitic, is old as the hills. Which is going on here?
The Green party is ZOG controlled/infiltrated just like the Libertarian party. Jill Stein is almost certainly the ZOG candidate, whether she realizes it or not. I(PLAS) have very little chance at the Green convention, just as I had very little chance at the Libertarian convention. Neither does Darcy Richardson, my second choice. Because now that I have publicly stated he is my second choice, he will be surveilled and covert operations ensue. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t catch cancer and promptly die before the Green convention.
The only chance I see for a progressive/libertarian/revolutionary ticket to win is PLAS. A PLAS ticket. The only chance for that is a radical online party to nominate a fusion ticket, then get ballot access and polling and go to the Green convention with it. Hopefully the delegates will be open to it.
Knapp could be very helpful, perhaps indispensable to that end.
But no.
Tom Knapp:
1. Are you jewish?
2. Are you not jewish but support Israel?
3. Are you a dhs/fbi or mossad agent or operative?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to Tom Knapp: Once a Marine, Always a Marine OR Traitor?

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised to report that Tom answered the 3 questions in reply to my questions on his blog, Knappster.

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