Libertarian National Committee: My Complaint, Protest, Demand.

The Libertarian Party conducted its convention a few days ago.
It was a FARCE! ESPECIALLY the presidential nomination.
I DEMAND A DO-OVER. Of AT LEAST the presidential nomination.
The problem is the LP is surveilled, infiltrated and controlled by the powers that be i.e. mostly the republicans and government operatives. Including the LNC.
The convention floor was stacked with republican lite/tea party/constitution party leaning delegates. That makes it by definition unreliable.
The vote was controlled. A victory on the first ballot was determined-by some republican/government think tank months, years ago- to be too suspicious. And a multiple ballot was too risky of losing in that the underdog real libertarian candidates might withdraw throwing their support to one of their own rather than the chosen one. In this case that was Johnson and Weld. So, close to 50% on the first ballot. Just over 50% on second ballot. For both.
My previous complaint of preconvention surveillance and covert operations against my campaign which suppressed it merely is part of the overall situation.
I asked for LP investigation and remedy. No response.
Now the whole convention and nomination process is a farce. I PROTEST!
I demand that an ad hoc committee composed of determined certain libertarians investigate this whole situation and implement remedy.
Again, I suggest the nomination be declared invalid and conducted again. This time just before and at the Green party convention. Houston, TX August 4-7.
BTW, whoever chose Houston in August, TX is crazy! Aspen, CO in August is more like it!
In the meantime I have called for ignoring the LP ticket. A boycott of the ticket, in effect.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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