What I Suspect Is Going On Around Me Now.

I suspect my friend in CA is involved in getting tricked into going into a hard rock mine which then would be collapsed on him.
I suspect my cousin is getting tricked into getting into my car-a small Honda Civic, actually my dad’s car-with her two boys and her father, my uncle. If we were to get hit by an 18 wheeler, cement truck or better yet a fuel tanker, well, that would be the end of all of us at once!
I suspect there is a squeeze play going on involving my rv, my landlord and my mechanic. To get my rv ticketed and/or impounded.
Let’s start with more specifics about Mark K., the ADEM/Germ Warfare victim. Look up Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis. What better way to attack me than attack my friend with a high I.Q.-his brain? I’ve already written about this.
Well, now, according to Mark in phone conversations, he is in Foresthill, CA. He met a guy, Dennis, who has a hard rock mine The Last Chance. And welding and metal detecting and other odd jobs. Dennis is in jail now for parole violation due to domestic violence. Through Dennis, Mark met Mike Holt. Holt says he is associated with the fbi drone program. He owns several gold mines with cabins on them in the Allegheny area. And is willing to let Mark work one for a percentage. I KNOW this had to be music to Mark’s ears. He is just starting to recover from ADEM. Allegheny is a historically rich gold area. The 16 to 1 mine has underground quartz gold veins. Also many river and creek placer deposits. Also Mark said there was possibly rough diamonds. Mark and I long ago discussed how we could adjust our equipment to catch diamonds.
Red flags went up to me with the mention of the fbi. If Mark went into a mine and it was collapsed on him, just about nobody would know or care. Even if his body were found, well, he was trespassing and high grading, -mining theft-so he got what he deserved. He is living evidence of fbi/mossad germ warfare. His doctor at the time is jewish, Dr. Amy Solomon of Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz County, CA. His body would probably get cremated as a pauper.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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