Camden County NJ, Boulder County, CO Police: Stand By for Impromptu Exhumation.

You must not intervene.
In so doing, you may be attacked by dhs/fbi and/or mossad agents or operatives or zealot, rogue American jews.
The county, state and federal governments are compromised, not reliable.
You may get orders to intervene in an impromptu exhumation. You must defy such orders.
Soon people will be asked to exhume the graves of Ruth Blumenstein in Camden County, NJ and Nancy Benson in Boulder County, CO.
This is proposed to be done without legal authority. Because the legal authority in place is compromised, unreliable.
The legal authority in place is actually responsible for irregularities in the graves of Blumenstein and Benson.
The irregularities are that the bodies of Blumenstein and Benson are believed to not be there where the authorities say they are.
There are believed to be several others as well.
Are Blumenstein and Benson and others dead as reported? Or not?
Where are the bodies of Blumenstein and Benson, and others, dead or alive?
Where is Ruth Blumenstein and Nancy Benson and others?
In order to find out, we must ascertain whether they are or are not in their graves as reported by the authorities.
The compromised, unreliable, corrupted authorities.
The Camden and Boulder police must protect people from corrupted authorities.
Police: Stand by to do your duty to protect people from corrupted authorities.
We must find Ruth, Nancy and others.
Outrageous crimes have been committed against them.
Police, you failed to prevent such crimes. Now you must investigate and remedy such crimes.
Police: dhs/fbi, mossad agents and operatives are armed and dangerous. You must protect people and yourselves from them as they are corrupted.
They have ALREADY committed heinous crimes against people and seek to keep such crimes hidden.
An impromptu exhumation will expose such crimes.
Police, you must side with the people and the Constitution pursuant to your Oath.
Against corrupted authorities and traitors to the Constitution.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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