This morning-Tuesday-on CBS This Morning there was a report about the Orlando mass shooting. It was mentioned that it was a significant coincidence that two horrible murder incidents happened within a couple of days and a couple of miles apart in the same city. Orlando, Florida. They are dominating the headlines all over the country. Particularly so in a small town, Christina Grimmie’s hometown, Marlton, Evesham Township, NJ, coincidentally just a few miles from my home towm, Camden, NJ. The local major media/tv being Philadelphia.
Well, gee, here’s ANOTHER coincidence. I was supposed to attend the Libertarian National Convention just about 2 weeks ago. In ORLANDO, FL! I was determined to go for quite some time up to just about the last minute. Then I thought, quite suddenly and quite unlike me, oh, what’s the use? The fix is in for Gary Johnson. I haven’t a chance and nobody is going to listen to me. So I wrote here on my blog, The PLAS Place, that I was not going after all. Shortly thereafter I heard that paulie was back at IPR and would probably attend the convention after all.
Wasn’t there some reports of people making last minute change of plans on 9/11? Alluding to being forewarned? I thought in the past day or two, what if paulie was forewarned that there would be violence at the convention? He couldn’t all of a sudden bail. Everyone would notice. So he just withrew from IPR, a few months ago.
Now, what if the planned violence was at least 2 covert operations. One involves a man who is generally apolitical but homicidal/suicidal. He can be manipulated as to who to kill. Another involves a man who is radical islamist with a particular fixation on lgbtq. He is told there is a lgbtq caucus in the Libertarian party and they are having a convention in Orlando. The first could be directly aimed at me. With another watching who would administer a coup de grace if necessary. The second could be aimed directly at me, or generally, once the gunfire started, the associate could get me at his convenience.
Now, once I announced I was not going, the dhs/fbi/mossad had these at least 2 operations set. After the convention, why waste them? I announced I was going to ask for help with the exhumations. The 2 operations are launched in order to divert attention from my blog.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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2 Responses to Orlando: ANOTHER COINCIDENCE?

  1. Wahid Tariq Fasal says:

    I think u may be on 2 something. Keep digging bro!

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