Another Computer Coincidence?

Readers may have noted that I have not been online much for about the past week or so. That is because of computer problems. Specifically it stopped working. All I could get was a flashing yellow power light. My computer guy said there was some sort of mostly hard, black stuff in there. He had to replace the motherboard. All my info lost.
It sounds like coca cola which I drink a lot of. But I’ve been careful, protective of this computer. No spilled coke as far as I know. No cat piss, water leaking from roof, coffee, etc. As far as I know. The computer was plugged into a surge protector and into a wireless modem at the time. I can’t prove it was sabotaged, but that is what I suspect. I can’t call my computer guy a liar, but that is what I suspect.
I now have a comparable computer bought on Clearance at Walmart. New. Ironically, it comes with McAfee installed.


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6 Responses to Another Computer Coincidence?

  1. Did you hear about Dr. Feldman?

  2. Be interesting to see what the ZOG says about this death. Or should I say “death”?

  3. That is odd. The IPR article about Feldman is gone. Or am I grossly mistaken? Comments also.

  4. ok my bad. IPR article was June 23. I didn’t scroll back that far.

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