Dr. Marc Feldman Reported “Dead”.

I have been somewhat incommunicado for the past more or less week. Computer down. Phone out of minutes. Broke, depressed. So when William S. Saturn commented did you hear about Marc Feldman, I had no clue. But, what the Hell, I’ll Google Marc. And there it was, dead. Well, honestly my first reaction was One Less jew. One less American jewish terrorist. About 5, 999,999 left in America.
But after a few hours I thought about it. Curious circumstances reportedly, in the least. Budget motel in Hometown Cleveland, woman calls police a la Chris Farley, no COD yet, or manner of death either for that matter. Very curious, mysterious. Maybe we have another name for my List of the Disappeared.
To be sure, a jewish physician would have the interest of Israel. Maybe more. Maybe Feldman found out some things coincidental to his libertarian presidential campaign. Being jewish he may have been privy. And being evidently genuinely libertarian, he may have come up against some Israeli hostility. Maybe he was ambivalent about it. Seeing that it was directed at his libertarian friends-comrades- fellow anarchists. So maybe someone-in Tel Aviv-decided it would be better to disappear Marc. They can always find a use for a physician there in warmongering Israel. No problem. Set it up a little sordid perhaps, so the family and friends acquiesce to the lack of facts/cover up. Quickly bury him in MD, and that is the end of the MD.
Since he is “buried” in Maryland, here again we have the possibility of exhumation.
Just sayin.

See: http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2016/06/libertarian-party-dr-marc-feldman-passed-away/#comments



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