My Sister Finally Railroads My Father.

Behind my back as usual, my sister and brother in law took my father to a rehab. I found out about it when I went to visit him, he was not home. I texted her, where is dad? 3 times. Finally she called, which she rarely does. I was about to call you. We are on the way home. Dad was admitted to a rehab. Name and phone #. Care One in Moorestown not too far from the Mall. I called and got directions and went there. It was clearly nice, clean, modern. Approved by the VA. He seemed ok. We talked for a while. I texted my sister that I was there. I watched him eat most of his dinner. Good appetite. Then left.
A couple of days later she texted. There would be a staff meeting in his case in his room. I went and the staff appeared and left; not all present at any one time. Standing mostly. i.e. it was not all sitting around a table taking notes etc. This lasted for about an hour during which time my sister and brother in law revealed news to me that they had checked out 3 such facilities and selected Care One. They thought it was a long term facility but it was explained not usually. The other 2 were. Care One specialized in short term rehab. Well I became irate towards my sister and brother in law. We argued. THEIR plan for my dad was to go to and stay at a long term facility. Not telling me this. My sister said he has dementia. I said I don’t think so. He is reacting normally to your toxic house. So the best thing for him was in getting out of that house. Then upon recovery, come to my house instead.
This whole dementia thing is what has occurred in the year after my sister actually took his drivers license out of his pocket. Then she told his doctors to write Trenton to make it official. I was furious but could do little. My dad was too. He told me he hollered at his psychiatrist. To no avail. He went downhill from there which I and my people, my uncle and my friend in CA knew would happen. My dad realized his powerlessness under my sister’s control. It was an impressive display of arrogance.
I had asked my dad whether he wanted to go back to my sisters-emphatic repeated no-OR come to my house. Yes, take me out NOW! I said I don’t think I could or should. Won’t you give this place a chance?
So I left the room after being told to leave. As I passed the nurses station, the I believe Case Manager I believe Carrie was telling the people there I was threatening. I hollered at them all She’s lying. She followed me to the elevator (on second floor). But at the elevator door a man with a stethescope around his neck and casual clothes with no ID said to her that he would accompany me out. I told everyone this would all be on my blog. That’s when I was told to leave! Anyway I asked this man for his name. i.e. by what authority are you escorting me out of this facility? I was only getting first names. He said he is a physician. I said you don’t have a name tag on. He said it is not required by law. I thought that doesn’t sound right. And why would a physician voluntarily escort a potential problem person out when there is surely security? It sounded more like an undercover agent doesn’t have to display identification by law. So I suspect Carrie of being a provocateur, this grey haired man an undercover agent.
Anyway I have no complaint with Care One and in fact appreciate their help. Other than their being so easily duped by my sister and brother in law i.e. misrepresenting that she is the only person (with my brother in law) in charge of his affairs. Wrong on both. She is not the only person. He has a son, me. All his other relatives, particularly his wife, my mother, are dead. And she is not in charge of his affairs. He is. Today my sister texted me 2 pictures of my dad at the horse barn behind Care One evidently getting out for a walk, except he was in a wheelchair.
I hope to visit my dad again soon and take him for a walk also. I hope to communicate to the staff MY plan and my father’s plan. That he improves and leaves Care One and goes to my house, not a long term facility or back to my sister’s toxic house.
Here is the staff names that I was able to get (info may be incorrect):
Pam-Social Worker Pam Rubenstein !!!! Really.
Carrie-Case Manager
Cassie-Speech and Swallow
Rob-Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy-I did not get a name, may not have attended.
No physicians came to the meeting to the best of my knowledge.
So, maybe my sister has outmaneuvered herself this time. Getting him out of her house was a huge step. I don’t think I could have done it because I couldn’t do it without my father’s consent which he was too intimidated to say to her. If my dad gets better, mentally as well as physically, at this rehab, which I think he will, he would be far better off staying out of that toxic house. He will not need long term care, but rather long term getting out from under my sister’s thumb. At my house.


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