First Responders: I Say The ZOG Did 9/11

First responders: State, county, local(municipal) police, firefighters, paramedics.
The ZOG: Zionist Occupied Government. The UNITED STATES government strongly influenced by Zionists. Actively enforced by Homeland Security/FBI and Israeli Mossad Agents. American jews recruited as needed.
Clearly, WHOEVER did 9/11 knew full well that many first responders would be injured and/or killed.
If I am elected President, or if I am hired as special advisor to the President by a candidate who wins the election, I will investigate 9/11 and find out who did it. I will actively pursue any subsequent prosecution.
What CAN you do about it?
Here are my recommendations:
1. Actively question HSA/FBI and Mossad agents operating in the UNITED STATES. Do not give them carte blanche in your jurisdiction.
2. Exhume Ruth Blumenstein, Nancy Benson, Marc Feldman.
3. Join and/or escort my Great Sweep Out 2016 Caravan late July from Philadelphia, to Houston, Texas.
4. Surround federal buildings in your jurisdiction and arrest everyone inside for state RICO (corrupt organizations) and conspiracy violations.
5. If armed conflict erupts between First Responders and federal agents, bring me to the nearest FR headquarters. I would join the FRs. Everyone would see which side I am on. In Camden County that would be the CC Police Administration building at Haddon Avenue and Federal Street in Camden. The federal building is nearby at Market and 4th.
Note: First responders greatly outnumber hsa/fbi and mossad agents operating in the UNITED STATES.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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