Rob Loggia: The Libertarian Party Might Survive 2016

The Libertarian Party Might Survive 2016

Rob Loggia: The Libertarian Party Might Survive 2016


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12 Responses to Rob Loggia: The Libertarian Party Might Survive 2016

  1. Here we have-again-the PLAS scenario possibility completely overlooked. If Bernie had come to the Libertarian convention he might have given Johnson some serious competition. But it would have been to no avail if Bernie had not pursued the fusion ticket campaign. Mike Gravel, a progressive democrat, in 2008 actually did try for the LP nomination. But he evidently was trying to be a Ron Paul clone, not a PLAS candidate.

    • At the time Ron Paul was raking in contributions. It ended at over $30 million, far more than any other third party/independent/libertarian. Evidently Gravel thought he could get in on that but failed miserably. Any PLAS possible ticket e.g. Gravel/Ruwart was totally lost on the clueless.

    • Then there is Darcey Richardson. He is evidently a leftist/progressive of some sort. He is a lurker and regular commenter at IPR. I invite Darcey to come to Houston and compete for the nomination. If he gets it-nice pun-then if he insists on a libertarian vp, he’ll have a fusion ticket. Then he can run a PLAS campaign and very well win in a close three way plurality.

      • Jill Stein already has the delegates bound to her. Best you can hope for is a libertarian vp.

      • NN, you don’t understand politics very well, do you?
        I know of the facts on the ground. That Stein has enough delegates already.
        However, if I, or someone, showed up saying Stein was in collusion with the government(dems/reps) Israel/Mossad and had enough support, do you think the delegates, unless they are stacked like at the Libertarian Convention(with Tea Party delegates), would continue to support her?
        Especially if I had some evidence.
        Which is why either Ruth Blumenstein, Nancy Benson and/or Marc Feldman should be exhumed soon.

      • N, I’m more concerned that should The ZOG start to lose at the Green National Convention, it could get shot up/blown up by a false flag ZOG covert operation which has already been set up.
        Which is what I think was set up in Orlando should the ZOG ticket, Johnson/Weld start to lose their rigged vote.
        Yes, IMO Omar Marteen was set up to shoot up the lgbtq caucus at the convention. Then a few strategically planted and armed operatives open fire at their targets in the chaos and confusion.
        This is what was supposed to happen to me in the bar in 1984. Bruce Reilly was supposed to shoot up the band in some fake argument then I was supposed to get shot in the chaos and confusion by Carl Canzanese and/or his brother in law.
        When the ZOG ticket won, why waste a good false flag operation? He was subsequently aimed at the lgbtq at Pulse.
        Poor fool. As he is calling tv stations pledging allegiance to ISIS he is actually being manipulated by The ZOG into a suicidal myrtyrdom ZOG false flag operation.
        If I was The ZOG special agent in charge, I would set up some neo-Nazis and/or Aryan Brotherhood who would be targeting commies and/or lgbtq at the convention. Which shouldn’t be hard to do in Texas. They are probably infiltrated 50% by undercover operatives.
        Obviously Texas in the summer heat was selected by the ZOG.

  2. Marlon Areola says:

    Who would you rather bang? Andy Jacobs or Joy Waymire? Easy answer for me.

  3. I bet he tried to bang Kane afterwards.

  4. From what I hear Joy once was hot but God turned her into an old hag with a manly body so that she’d be respected as a candidate.

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