Preliminary Analysis: The ZOG Did Dallas

Probably behind Minnesota and Louisiana also. i.e. if they were covert operations.
Covert operations are complicated. Evidently rarely go exactly as planned. Many, perhaps most, are aborted or turn out wrong so must be cleaned up.
Many if not most are false flag operations. That is the apparent aggressor is not the real aggressor. The aggressor and victim may actually both be the real aggressor’s victims.
Simply put in this case, it appears that a black group and/or black supporters deliberately ambushed police. Presumably in support of recent shootings of blacks by mostly white police. This exacerbates poor black/police relations.
WHO would benefit from this? The ZOG, to divert attention from The ZOG in other matters.
If the police shootings were covert operations, they were deliberate preliminary shootings to set the stage for the subsequent larger operation in Dallas. i.e. the police were duped into the shootings.
So, we in America are now looking at a long, hot summer of police and black confrontations.
OR, the police can surround federal buildings and arrest all inside on RICO corrupt organization and conspiracy charges.
Addendum 7/8/2016. I just saw the U.S. Attorney General press conference. Noon EST. It was some sort of perfunctory, obligatory, speech evidently read off of a teleprompter. She then left answering no questions.
Police, go ahead and arrest her. Everyone at the DOJ and FBI/J. Edgar Hoover Building also. And if you decide to surround the Capitol and arrest everyone in there, I have no objection. Their knee jerk unconditional lavish support for Israel will have come around to bite them in the ass.
Also, I disagree with the decision to bomb/kill the trapped suspect. It would be much preferable to take him alive. Flash-bang stun or gas him. Whose decision was ?for what reasons? Given and hidden. It looks to me like The ZOG wanted this man silenced-dead- so it decided to order DPD to send in a bomb instead of a flash bang/gas.
Conclusion: The ZOG is in control of the First Responders at the upper levels.
The First Responders are going to have to decide what to do via THEIR UNION. Then if it differs from their leadership, overrule their leadership. Thereby purging The ZOG.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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2 Responses to Preliminary Analysis: The ZOG Did Dallas

  1. Dhqueen says:

    Are these posts all written by you?

  2. Yes.
    Except the reposts from other sources which are credited.

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