Darcy G. Richardson for President

Yes, Darcy is my second choice after myself.
I have been keeping up with reading IPR. I always have. After the debacle called the Libertarian National Convention, IPR articles and especially comments seem a lot more doom and gloom than before. The Johnson/Weld ticket is uninspiring in the least. Libertarians are largely writing like the third parties are toast, get resigned to the lesser of two evils. Bernie is a burnout. The propaganda that Johnson/Weld would benefit from the Bernie Burn and/or disgust with the duopoly candidates The Donald The Cobra “You’re Fired!” and Hillary Billary Benghazi are not working out.
The possibility of an all online third party as Boston Tea Party is still there but doesn’t seem to be getting traction. I had hope when John McAfee joined the campaign with his Cyberparty. But it just didn’t happen like a revitalized BTP or a proposed Lexington Green Party.
So all seems lost, at least to the libertarians. But… all is not lost. There is one more chance. If the Green party would nominate a leftist/progressive, which it should, and that candidate insisted on a libertarian vice president, that would be a fusion ticket. According to the PLAS strategy, that ticket could possibly win in a close plurality in a three way race. A virtual sweep out of most democrats and republicans is possible.
There is a significant obstacle though. Jill Stein is said to have a virtual lock on the nomination. She has not indicated any interest in PLAS or a libertarian vp or fusion ticket or green/libertarian vote cooperation/coordination etc. That I know of. Basic PLAS elements. What is needed is for either Stein to come out supportive of PLAS…OR another candidate supportive of PLAS to go to the Green Convention in Houston and try to upset her for the nomination.
I think Darcy is capable of that.
Now Darcy is evidently starting from the Philadelphia area as I am. Or has ties to Florida. He could join my Great Sweep Out of 2016 Caravan from Philadelphia to Houston …OR he could travel from Florida to Houston. In that case he could bring Tom Knapp and his wife, Tamara. Possibly his campaign manager and vp.
Think about it.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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5 Responses to Darcy G. Richardson for President

  1. Ever thought about how The PLAS Place (TPP) and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) have the same initials? Coincidence? Now that Gary Johnson is campaigning on it I think not.

  2. Magnus Dahlstrøm says:

    Robert, could you email me at


    I have something very important to tell you that I’d like to keep in private.

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