Activists: I Need Help Getting to Houston.

If the government is behind keeping me from Houston, they can’t just come out and say so and zap me. No, it is better to be more subtle and sophisticated. Like turning a screw slowly. Like a boa constrictor.
My sister has me jammed up with my father. That has taken years. My mechanic has me jammed up with my vehicles. That has been in the making for many months, a couple of years.
A solution to this could be for Darcy to go to Houston with Tom and Tamara. Take my place.
Activists, I call on you to come to the Philadelphia area starting soon. Mid July. Forget Cleveland and the republicans. Do want you want in Philadelphia with the democrats. I personally am not planning to go there. I may protest in Camden. At the Camden County Hall of Justice, next door Camden County prosecutors/detectives office. Around the corner federal building 4th and Market St. A couple of blocks down Market Legal Aid which is run by jews and bailed on my eviction case which except for the corrupt jewish judge could have been won. Maybe the Colestown Cemetery in Cherry Hill. Maybe Wawa. Any/all Wawas but the Mount Ephraim Wawa especially. And maybe Care One in Moorestown, whichn is holding my father in violation of hisvrights and keeping me from visiting him in violation of my rights.
After the protests, comes the Great Sweep Out of 2016 Caravan to Houston.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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