My Sister (The ZOG?) Tightens the Screws on My Father and Me.

Let me put it this way. I have no proof that my sister is in collusion with the government. But she has a history of cooperation with the DOJ. She cooperated against me involving my parole hearings. I wound up maxing out 40 months on a 60 month (5 year) sentence. Over the years she has acted towards my father and me consistent with if she was recruited to slowly deteriorate us. She sold his property which I didn’t want done. I wanted to rent them out. I told her. She got rid of most of his stuff. She moved him into her house. It was made clear to me that I was not welcome there by them. This was after she and my brother in law took him late at night according to my father to some facility in Mercer County for ECT treatments. More than once I believe. She said she sold the properties so that he would qualify for Medicaid when it came time for long term care. Yet when she took him to Collingswood Manor they refused to admit him. I heard the reason was he couldn’t afford it. Something about several thousand up front deposit and several thousand/month. Now it turns out, Care One is under contract with the Veterans Administration which is paying for my father’s care. My sister evidently thought Care One was a long term facility. It was explained to us-my sister, brother in law and me- there that it was not.
My sister says my father has dementia. I say no, he is depressed and suffering from living in her toxic house for years. He told me he is very mad at her and I gather that he is very afraid of her. He is also taking a lot of medication. About a year ago my father was fine. He had his driver’s license. He had no tickets, points or accidents to the best of my knowledge. He got around on his own, errands etc. Then my brother in law mentioned to me he thought my father was getting too old to drive. Slower, etc. I said maybe a little. I didn’t say it, but I was thinking that I would take his concerns under advisement. But since it was not his business, I didn’t think he would actually do anything. Turns out he and my sister act together against my father. She actually physically took my dad’s driver’s license from his possessions. Then she called his doctors getting them to contact Trenton to take his license.
Anyone who knows anything about the elderly and depression would know he would react poorly to this. Which he did. Subsequently my nephew started hollering at me that my dad’s parking spot was now his. He told me to never park there again. Later I asked My brother in law what that was all about. He said we gave the parking spot to him(my nephew) . I was borrowing my dad’s car but was still parking in that driveway spot.
The present situation is that I was ordered to leave a second time yesterday. I do not think my sister being POA gives her the authority to tell Care One that I am not allowed to visit my father. Actually I WANT him there. I have wanted him out of her toxic house/rule for years. Actually I do not think I could have gotten him out of her house. That would require him to stand up against her and he is too afraid of her. So I want him there to get better physically AND mentally. Then come to my house instead of long term care or her house.
I went in yesterday and everything was fine. About 45 minutes later my sister arrived with her grandson, my nephew’s son. Followed by two staff Kristy and Elizabeth. Hello Kristy and Elizabeth! (I told them they would be in my blog.) Anyway they went out into the hall with my sister so I went out also and joined the conversation. I was told I was not supposed to be there. I said nobody told me. Kristy said the police took you out last time. I said no they didn’t. She walked away. When she came back I said did you call the supervisor? No, the police. So I figured I should leave. Perhaps I will get some legal assistance and come back without being harassed by staff.
I want the staff to do their job which is to help my father get better, physically and mentally. They should not allow themselves to be manipulated by my sister against me.
MORRESTOWN POLICE: I call on you to not arrest me if you are called by Care One against me. I say my father is being held there without his informed consent against his rights. I also say I am being banned from visiting him against my rights under threat of calling the police: YOU! Do not enforce this policy.


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