Emergency: I Need Help. My Father is Under Attack.

I need legal help. I can’t find an attorney to help me. In retrospect I’ve ALWAYS had this problem. Attorneys want an up front retainer. Even if the case has a possible financial settlement at the conclusion. Over the years the FBI may have interfered with my attempts to find legal assistance.
Everywhere I go I am blocked. My phone my be tampered with.
I just got a call from the State Elder Abuse Hotline. They can do nothing. They recommend I get an attorney.
That was Maureen at 609)633-8891.
Earlier I had a voicemail and email exchange with my father’s attorney from years ago that set up a will and set up my sister as power of attorney. Joanne Ventura, Steven Neuner of Marlton, NJ. 856)596-2828. http://www.nv-njlaw.com
Veterans Administration. Camden Outpatient Clinic. 877)232-5240. Primary Care Physician: Dr. Williams. Case worker: Megan Farley.
My sister says my dad has dementia. I do not think so. Who made this diagnosis?
Steven Guice, attorney. Barrington, NJ. He is the one who didn’t understand what a Consent to Vacate document was. 856)547-8989.
So I lost in Landlord-Tenant Court. Well, the Judge, Laskin was evidently corrupted so I probably would have lost anyway.
Moorestown Police. They have reportedly been called by Care One. They are set to arrest me for trespass should I return there.
Strangely, a few months ago my sister blurted that she wanted me arrested. I said What? What for? I want you out of my house.
That was when I was going to my dad’s basement apartment at her house every evening.
Patricia and Neil Sparano. I’m not going to put their address or phone # here. I suspect them of collusion with the government. If anyone has any information about that, please let me know.
Now I am concerned that my father will be taken to an ECT facility pursuant to the rationale that he has dementia. My sister has done this before. This would be done coincidental to the Green convention in order to prevent me from going or intimidate me into not going.
Moorestown/ Burlington County police: I call on you to surround Care One. Prevent my father from being taken away. Stand by for arrest of all staff inside as corrupt organization conspirators. To be coordinated with other police nationwide at federal facilities and other locations.
Camden County, NJ and Boulder County, CO police: I call on you to exhume Ruth Blumenstein and Nancy Benson.


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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for 2012.
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