UNITED STATES State, County, Local (Municipal) Police: STAND BY…

…For domestic terrorist counter operations.
In this instance the domestic terrorists are Homeland Security, Department of Justice, FBI, et al agents and operatives. In collusion with Israeli Mossad agents and operatives. They have been longstanding engaging in illegal domestic surveillance and covert operations. Now, with the upcoming Green party national convention in Houston, TX, they have committed further atrocities and plan more.
Specifically in my case, they are attacking me and my father. Also my political campaign and supporters.
You must surround federal buildings in which DHS/DOJ/FBI agents are headquartered and arrest everyone inside on state RICO corrupt organizations and conspiracy laws. You must arrest every Mossad agent operating in the U.S. in your jurisdiction. In Washington, surround the DHS, DOJ building, FBI building, The Capitol and The White House. Arrest all in the DHS, DOJ and FBI buildings. The Capitol and The White House surround but do not arrest pending the results of investigations and prosecutions.
The Green party convention in Houston in August is THE LAST possible instance of nominating a candidate with enough ballot access that could theoretically possibly win in 2016 that is not a government plant/lackey. That is why I am being attacked via my father at this time. In order to prevent me from going to Houston and/or intimidate me from going. My sister is known to have assisted the DOJ against me in the 1980’s in a previous covert operation against me. She may be cooperating with the DHS/DOJ/FBI in operations against me and my father now. He is presently in Care One Rehabilitation center in Moorestown, Burlington, New Jersey. HE MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM THIS FACILITY. He would be taken to a facility for ECT treatments, then taken to a long term care facility a vegetable. Or back to my sister’s house. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. Moorestown police, I hold you as being notified and responsible. I want my father to be rehabbed in Care One to get better physically and mentally. Then released to MY HOUSE and receive outpatient treatment at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Camden.
New Jersey State Troopers, Camden County Sheriff Department Police, Cherry Hill Police: Investigate the burial of Ruth Blumenstein in Cherry Hill and exhume the grave. I say she was poisoned, kidnapped and a fake funeral/ burial was conducted.
Colorado State Police, Boulder County Police, Boulder Police: likewise for Nancy Benson.
Ohio State police, County, Cleveland police, Maryland State police: likewise for Dr. Marc Feldman, recently deceased.
Texas State Police, Refugio County Police, Bayside Police, investigate the well being of online persona William S. Saturn.
I say something happened to him in August, 2013.


About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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4 Responses to UNITED STATES State, County, Local (Municipal) Police: STAND BY…

  1. I’d be more concerned about going to The Big House if I were you.

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