Moorestown Township, Burlington County, New Jersey Police: FYI.

Please construe this post as your notification of a situation in your jurisdiction that may involve you. I will try to call you informing you of this post on this, my campaign/personal blog.
Specifically my father being admitted to Care One and me being forced to leave and banned.
I believe this to be a covert operation against me via my father.
The idea is to degrade my father over time as an asset to me. Yes, this has been going on for quite some time.
It has evolved into a tense situation between my sister and brother in law and me with my father in the middle.
My sister has pressed her advantage over the years as POA to, as I say, “pull stunts” on my father. Over the years this constitutes elder abuse IMO. e.g. She and my brother in law took him to Neuner-Ventura attorneys in Marlton. They did not notify me; I was not there. He signed papers for a will and making my sister power of attorney (POA). Months later he told me and I called Ventura who hanged up on me. She sold his property. I was against that. I wanted to rent them out. She took his drivers license physically right out of his possessions. Then called his doctors instructing them to contact Trenton DMV. I did in fact recently call the Elder Abuse Hotline. They said they have seen this before and can do nothing. They recommend getting an attorney and taking legal action. I have failed to get legal assistance over the years.
So, the staff take my sister’s side in deference to her POA.
They ordered me to leave as “verbally abusive”. They called the police. That would be you.
I have been there three times. On the first day he was there, upon notification by my sister, I went there for about 3 hours. I saw the facility and watched him eat dinner. His appetite seemed ok so I left.
The second time I responded to a notification by my sister that there would be a staff meeting in his room. Of course I suspected a set up but there was nothing I could do. I had to go or leave my father’s fate totally up to my sister-and the government.
The meeting went fairly well until just about the end. My sister and brother in law had to have it explained to them that Care One was not a long term care facility which they evidently thought it was. And my sister said my father has dementia which I do not believe is correct but could be used against him to get him committed to long term care. Possibly also a repeat of Electro Shock Therapy. This also was done without me being informed or agreeing. I was asked to leave. The police were called. I evidently left before they arrived.
I’m ambivalent about Care One. I’m glad my father is out of my sister’s toxic house. I certainly approve his treatment there to get him physically-and mentally-better. I’m not sure, but I believe they do not perform ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy there. But the staff are taking her side against me. And my sister still exercises her power over him.
Meanwhile I don’t think anyone has asked my father if it ok with him that the police were called against me.
The last time I was there was for about an hour. Then my sister arrived with her grandson. Followed by 2 staff, Kristin and Liz Elizabeth. Liz and I spoke briefly. Kristin left. She called the police she said when she came back. I left again evidently before the police came.
That is fortunate. Because if they came and arrested me, they would be doing exactly what my sister and the DHS/FBI/Mossad wants them to do.
Are the police going to ask my father whether he wants me ordered out, banned and/or arrested? Presumably the POA is used in the ABSENCE of the person’s direct involvement. Again, the staff was incorrect in applying the policy without my father’s approval. He was there. It would be simple and easy to ask him. Not simply take my sister’s word.
My father is very depressed and not assertive, i.e. passive. He is very mad at my sister but also very afraid of her. He does NOT have dementia. I am not aware of any doctor having made that diagnosis. Staff must take all this into account.
I’m asking the police to not arrest me without asking my father whether he approves all this being done supposedly in his behalf without even discussing it with him.
Also I’m asking Moorestown police to not allow my father to be removed from this facility. At least he is safe there from my sister and brother in law. And out of their toxic house. They are known to take him without his consent and without informing me to a facility for ECT treatments. This must not be allowed to happen ever again.
Recently I realized there was an appointment in May I believe with his psychiatrist, Dr. Listerud, at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Camden. I realized I don’t think he made that appointment. So I called and they said he had an appointment in August. It took me a while to think that maybe my sister took my father to that appointment without telling me. She MAY have secured a dementia diagnosis then. Recently I called the VA and they said they couldn’t discuss my dad’s case with me as I was not authorized. Only my sister. But they took the message for his primary care physician Dr. Williams and he may call back. No call back as of today 7/16.
Addendum: Saturday, July 16 @3:30 p.m. I left a voicemail with my name, phone number and the web address of this blog at the phone number of the Chief, Moorestown Township police, Burlington County, New Jersey.


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