Moorestown Police: Are You Going to Let My Father Get ECT Turned into a Vegetable and Warehoused by The ZOG?

Moorestown Township, Burlington County, New Jersey police. 856)235-1405.
Care One at Moorestown A Senior Care Community, 895 Westfield Road, Moorestown, New Jersey 08057, 856)914-0444.

On Tuesday, July 19, I received a certified letter from Care One. It contained a NO TRESPASS WARNING. It was signed by Jennifer Levy, LNHA, Administrator. CC: Moorestown Police Department.
My father’s case manager there is Pam Rubenstein.
“Dear Mr. Milnes,
As a result of your recent behavior and inappropriate conduct at our Center, this letter is to advise you that you are NO LONGER PERMITTED ON THE PREMISES of Care One at Moorestown. This notice applies to the entire campus, including the Skilled Nursing Facility, the Assisted Living Residence, as well as all common spaces and parking lots.
Your conduct included but was not limited to intimidation of other visitors, threatening posturing, making inappropriate and anti-Semitic comments, and behavior suggesting a tendency toward hate.
Should you be seen anywhere on the campus premises(or in or around the building) without our express permission you will be considered a Trespasser and the Moorestown police department will be called. This may result in your arrest.
A copy of this letter is being provided to the Moorestown Police Department.
Be guided accordingly.
Jennifer Levy, LNHA, Administrator” (signed)

I deny this accusation.
Where is the due process? Where are the complaints, signed statements, sworn affidavits?
Who was the man with the stethoscope around his neck saying he was a physician? Refusing to give me his name saying it is not required by law?
I ACCUSE Care One as being used a facility to harm my father in order to harm me and harm my political campaign.
Is this a coincidence? That the Green National Convention starts on August 4. The Green party supports The One State Solution for Israel and the Palestinian Territories. I plan to go to Houston to try to upset presumed nominee Jill Stein, a jew, for the Presidential nomination. Am I going to get an anonymous communication saying don’t go to Houston, we have your father?
Further has anyone bothered to ask my father about this? He is being treated for depression. Has anyone considered any effect this might have on him?
As due process and testimony I submit THIS BLOG. I NOTIFY THE MOORESTOWN POLICE OF THIS. I have left a voicemail with the Chief of Police. The police were kind enough to return my call. I referred them to this blog.

Once again the police are involved by The ZOG. Used, manipulated by The ZOG. To enforce something THEY are trying to do. In this case to hurt me, remove my father as an asset to me. My political campaign. For the Green party nomination. The Green party supports The One State Solution for Israel/Palestine. That is Israel and the Palestinian Territories should be one country a secular Palestine. I support The One State Solution. Israel zealously opposes it. Therefore The ZOG zealously opposes it.
I say The ZOG did 9/11. All those First Responders injured, killed. I SAY MURDERED. Knowingly, deliberately, premeditated. By The ZOG. WHOEVER did 9/11 MUST HAVE known that if those buildings were hit by fully fueled jet aircraft, they would catch fire and burn, and very possibly collapse. That MANY First Responders would be called. That MANY would be injured and killed. But that didn’t matter. The ZOG was trying to do something. Trying to prop up their corrupt system. Make sure Israel keeps getting huge support from America. Create a phony, bogus War on Terror.
Actually ISRAEL is the worst terrorist nation in the world. It is a racist apartheid, counterrevolutionary theocracy. Secretly, unaccountably, armed with nuclear weapons.
I say The ZOG assassinated President Kennedy. The ZOG set up Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippet in confrontation with their patsy Lee Harvey Oswald to be shot by Oswald. Manipulating their patsy to shoot a police officer. Ingenious. Actually they preferred that Tippet shoot Oswald, not what actually happened, Oswald shot Tippet.. Then getting Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) to shoot-read silence-patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Since Tippet failed.
Jack Ruby (Rubenstein). Pam Rubenstein. Hmmmmmmmm……..
Moorestown police FYI: I say I was illegally evicted by Camden County Landlord/Tenant Court. Judge Lee Laskin, jewish, greedy landlord’s attorney Lori Greenberg, jewish, defense counsel David Podell, Lee Ginsberg jews. Defense counsel WITHDREW citing funding shortages.
Also, my friend with high I.Q. in California contracted ADEM Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis under the care of AMY Solomon, MD. I accuse GERM WARFARE by the ZOG against a political enemy, me, via an innocent bystander, my friend. Solomon is a physician in Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz County, CA.

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